A Comprehensive List of the Top Social Networking Sites

I’ve prepared a comprehensive table to reference most of the major Social Media sites on the Internet at the moment. Instead of just focusing on the top three or four, try and leverage some of the smaller sites which maybe a little more relevant to what you are trying to publish.

Granted, they may only send a fraction of the traffic compared to the biggest social networks, however, it shouldn’t be overlooked as it could yield traffic and links which would otherwise be wasted.

Note: If you feel that I have missed one, please contact me and I’ll add it to the list.

I’d like to thank Brent Csutoras for his valuable input.

Furl Yahoo 360 Orkut
MySpace Facebook Plurk
Hi5 Friendster Xanga
Bebo Twitter Ning
My Yearbook Classmates Mister Wong
Faceparty 43 Things Reunion
Gazzag Xuga Profile Heaven
Indian Pad Eons AOL Community
Passado Meet In Wallop
Dodgeball Oyaye Flingr
Black Planet
Sosyalan Groove Net
MSN Spaces Live Journal My Opera
Vox Blog Catalog Technorati
Blurty Dead Journal Dandelife
Katropa My Blog Log
Squidoo Hub Pages Fanpop
Listography Zaadz
Library Thing
Gaia Online IMVU Second Life
Consumating It’s Just Coffee Social Grid
Digg Slash Dot Yahoo! Buzz
Meneame Mixx Kirsty
Reddit del.icio.us Plime
Propeller News Vine Shout Wire
Fark Gather
WAYN Tribe Tribe UK
Couch Surfing TravBuddy Trip Connect
Multiply YouTube Flickr
Tag World Mugshot Fotolog
Piczo Broadcaster Site Spaces
Last FM Buzznet
Nexopia MOG Ruckus
Music Forte Yapperz
Stumble Upon Mobango Taking It Global
My Gamma
Student Graduates
Care2 Hugg
Linked In Meet Up UNYK
Yelp Adlandpro Ecademy
IYZE Direct Matches Bizpreneur
Trade Pals Decayenne Kontakan
Intellect Connect Biz Friendz Refer Online

16 thoughts on “A Comprehensive List of the Top Social Networking Sites

  1. Roomy Naqvy says:

    I think this is the best ever web page that I have ever read all my life. What a great collection of social networks!

    Great. Thanks.

  2. AGU says:

    Spectacular list! This will really come in handy when deciding which network to use for each individual niche. Del.ic.ious add for sure.

  3. jswa says:

    Nice list!

    There’s also a cool single-page social media aggregator created by Thomas Marban at popurls.com — really cool. For our home in Bali, we made balinews.web.id based on the same concept.

  4. Kari says:

    I hope you don’t mind me mentioning, but I recently posted a list of 5 for business, design, and online marketing/SEO:
    5 Business Social Media Sites You May Not Know About

  5. Hey,

    some compelling and rich comments here so far. Ahem.

    I have one to suggest for the music category – here’s a write up of social music media newbie, Blip

  6. Tim Morse says:

    Onethat I noticed was not on the list is a new start up called Unicorn Media. There quality is the best I’ve seen out there. Go check them out at http://www.unicornmedia.com

  7. Mp3 Players Music Notes Songs…

    I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…

  8. Henk says:

    Great list but as always very US focussed. Believe it or not, there are people living in Europe and yes they have internet *-).

    Missing Netlog (over 35 mio users) Locals but etremely popular Hyves (5.5 mio) StudiVZ (11 mio) but also Jaiku.

    Further nice to see Joost on your blogroll.

  9. Shawn says:

    Wow thank you so much :)

    This is a really good list.
    When your trying to drive traffic it helps to have a resource like this.

    One thing I’ve noticed is Digg is getting way to big for it’s britches and has started cutting people.
    So I’m looking for one with those quality’s.

  10. Problemsmith says:

    One of the most comprehensive list of real social network sites for the practical and responsible social networker. Most impressive was to find special social media search engines connected through one of the links. This list has helped create a new business dedicated to those who are offline so I had to come back and comment. Thanks again, Col. David Wright

  11. NIFT says:

    Thanks for the list, You can also add http://Ioch.org (Valid PR 4) social networking site that share & deliver News & enable user to publish & share their articles with other users.

  12. Very very good list of social networking sites. Probably the best so far i have seen on the internet.
    Thank you so much

  13. Travel Buddy says:

    Thanks for sharing the big list of Social Sites. Very good articles.I love your thread.

  14. BritainSpa says:

    Thanks for the list, you can also add the following social bookmarking site that is focused on UK/EU news.


  15. Uday Patel says:

    Please add to list. Topics – Social Networking, Photo and video sharing.



  16. Beaston says:

    That is in all probability the very best article that ever cross my reference. I do not see why anyone ought to disagree. It may be too easy #for them# to comprehend…anyway good work i’m coming back here for More Nice Stuff!!

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