This is where it all starts for PingPongPie dot com. My name is Christopher Angus and I’m a SEO and Social Media Marketer. 

My specialty is in competitive SEO, especially in the finance industry. Type any finance-related search into and more often than not I’ll have a site in the top ten results. I’ve also got interests in the travel and gambling sectors too.

I have put off starting a Blog due to me not wanting to raise attention to myself as an effective SEO. However, the time has come to offer my two cents on SEO and Social Media matters. I own several other blogs but they are purely revenue generators.

This Blog will be offering insight into how I achieved success in dominating the SERPS as well as how Social Media can help your website and business grow and rank well. I feel, at this point I need to mention that I try to stick to the search engine guidelines as closely as possible. 

I’d love to receive comments on the coming posts; I welcome suggestions and opinions. If you feel that I have missed something or would like me to blog on a certain subject, please contact me.

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