SEO Will Make You Rich

Hands up if you’re tired of people droning on about how SEO is dying and in a few years there won’t be a need for it anymore.

The fact is, unless the world ends, SEO will never die.  However, SEO is getting and will become almost impossible for the majority of people. Google’s algorithm is getting tougher to crack and it becomes more difficult each day.

The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel, while many SEO’s will go out of business as their spam becomes useless, the best will stay on top of what needs to be done and clean up. Really good Search Engine Optimizers will become very rich in the not to distant future.

As companies become increasingly desperate to get exposure on the Internet SEO’s will start to charge more, and that figure is going to multiply. I expect the demand will double every year as the number of credible SEO’s shrink. The actually dollar amount will rise dramatically, I wouldn’t be surprised if prices are five to ten times higher in a few years.

Speak to any SEO in a competitive market and they will tell you prices are going up, costs are rising as companies throw tons of money at Search Engine Optimization to stay competitive. All this is doing is raising the bench mark and the entry point to which businesses need to operate to market themselves on the Internet effectively. 

Become a great SEO and you’ll become rich, if you don’t, you won’t be in SEO for long. That’s a promise. 


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  1. Humor Religion…

    In our view (here at Netconcepts), SEO is the application of techniques that make websites and web content more findable for particular keywords being searched on by search engine users. While SEO is not a hard and exact science (there is definitely an…

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