Social Media Marketing – What’s the Point?

Social media marketing is tricky, and a lot of people don’t fully understand the positives and negatives of integrating it into their businesses. I’m going to explain how your website will benefit from embracing social media.

The primary reason we work in social media is to get links. Clean, Google friendly backlinks.  It’s possible to generate thousands of them with a single article, just three hundred words could bring in more than ten thousand links.  Obviously, links bring good rankings on Google and will help your site become an authority site if marketed correctly.

Successfully marketing an article on the social networks also brings traffic, more than you could ever desire. We’ve launched articles that have had almost a million visitors. Unfortunately, the traffic is commercially worthless, you’re going to make almost no sales, get any sign-ups or achieve any direct return.  I’ve only ever heard once of a person making “proper” money from a success on the social networks, and that was just $11,000. 

Social Media success on your blog could also help you gain a few RSS subscribers, but I wouldn’t think it would add them in the hundreds.

Brand exposure is also a factor, however, most social network users don’t like commercial sites and the pages have to be “dressed down” in order for them to work. Hence, negating the “brand exposure” that having millions of visitors might bring.

Social media marketing is a great way to start your viral marketing campaign which again would bring indirect brand awareness. Viral videos have always worked well, and are working particularly well at the moment.

In summary, social media can be of huge benefit, if you realise how to use it to it’s full potential. As a webmaster or business owner, the benefit is indirect, mostly though increased link equity, which will bring the rankings and then the traffic. Using social media to create links is by far the most economical way of increasing your rankings on the search engines, and it is still within Google’s guidelines as an added bonus.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing – What’s the Point?

  1. kriti jaising says:

    I agree to the fact that in the absence of any marketing metrics and numbers to it is difficult to ascertain the benefits of social media marketing. The wide acceptance and presence of customers on social media has made it mandatory for marketers to integrate it in the marketing mix. Marketers get honest feedback from community conversations which can be incorporated in the future product and services improvements. It is a game of wait and watch

  2. vignesh says:

    As we work in social media is to get links of other sites and is a to increase our rankings on the search engine and we get a confidence when we are communicating with others.

  3. Nice way to introduce social media marketing but more than anything else i personally think that is the easiest way to touch people create leads and managed the customer relationship like never before.

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