Who does Matt Cutts follow on Twitter?

Matt Cutts follows very few people on Twitter compared with most, and I’ve compiled a list of who he follows. Some of the people on this list are some of the most influential people on the Internet, especially in SEO circles. If you’re on this list and reading this post, then consider yourself a success. Congratulations.

  Who What
1 Biz Stone Co-Founder of Twitter
2 Evan Williams Co-Founder of Twitter
3 Christopher Sacca Head of Special Initiatives at Google
4 Dave McClure Too many startups to mention
5 Jason Calacanis Entrepreneur – Started Mahalo.com
6 Justine Ezarik Life Caster – Viral Video Creator
7 Robert Scoble Video podcast pioneer and blogger
8 Andy Baio Created upcoming.org
9 Suresh Sarasota General SEO
10 Kevin Marks Google Employee – Ex-Technorati
11 Sarah Austin Video Journalist
12 Jeremy Zawodny Ex-Yahoo! Employee
13 Tamar Weinberg SEO / Social Media blogger
14 Joe Hunkins Internet Entrepreneur
15 Steve Rubel Blogger / CoolHunter
16 Chris Pirillo Entrepreneur / Tech Guru
17 Adam Lasnik Google’s first “Search Evangelist”
18 Gabe Rivera Entrepreneur / Created Techmeme.com
19 Nick Wilson Entrepreneur / Web3D Expert
20 Michael Gray SEO / Social Media Expert
21 Danny Sullivan SEO Pioneer / Guru
22 Rick Klau Google Employee / Ex-Feedburner VP
23 Barry Schwartz General SEO Person
24 David Sifry CEO Technorati
25 Search Engine Land SEO News Site
26 Neil Patel Social Media Guru / SEO
27 Vanessa Fox Ex-Google Employee / Search Expert
28 Jeremy Schoemaker SEO / Entrepreneur
29 Jennifer Slegg Adsense Guru / SEO
30 Sebastian X SEO Expert
31 Riona MacNamara Blogger
32 Todd Friesen SEO Guru
33 Brian White Google Employee -Webspam
34 John Andrews SEO Expert
35 Dave Naylor SEO Guru / Ex-Spammer
36 John Mueller Software Engineer / SEO
37 Webmaster Radio FM Webmaster Radio FM
38 Pedro Dias Software Engineer
39 Robert Garcia (?) SEO
40 Tony Adam SEO Expert
41 Nathan Johns Google Employee – Search Quality
42 Google OS Unoffical Google Blog
43 Lisa Barone Senior Writer @ Bruceclay inc
44 Susan Esparza Senior Editor @ Bruceclay inc
45 Lorna Harris Social Media Expert
46 Barbara Boser Social Media Expert
47 Greg Boser SEO Guru
48 Fireball Unknown?

I’ve created this table for people to see what Matt Cutts thinks is relevant and what is not. There’s so much noise on the internet, it’s hard to tell what the good stuff is. I’ve found several blogs that I’d never heard of, but they offered really good information.

There were a few people who I thought Matt Cutts would be following who were not on the list. The most surprising absentee was Aaron Wall from SEO Book.

Note: I don’t know many of the people on this list personally, and their descriptions may be slightly inaccurate. Also, many of these people have more than one website, whereas I’ve just listed one.

4 thoughts on “Who does Matt Cutts follow on Twitter?

  1. Amit Agarwal says:

    Fireball is a bot for tweeting your current physical location.

  2. It seems you just need to have CEO or SEO in your job title

  3. john andrews says:

    It would have been cool if you had done this the week Matt adopted Twitter, when he only had 11 or so people on his follow list :-)

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