Google Rankings Highly Unstable

I’ve noticed recently that Google’s rankings are particularly unstable. This has happened before. Previously the rankings went through a period of changing up to twenty times in a single day.

Alas, this volatile period seems to have returned with even more fury. We’re seeing some of our sites on the first page and then another search shows them on page two or three. Never before have I managed to affect the rankings so dramatically by just pressing F5.


I noticed a comment posted by Jeremy Luebke on Aaron Walls community forum:

“Forget a daily shuffle, I can hit search and get one SERP, and then hit the button again and get a different set of results. So I am seeing instant shuffling all day long.

Here is another weird thing.

When I talk about a SERP I mean from 1-1000 for each search with it being pages to 10 listings per page. I click search and get a set of SERPs. I click to go to the 2nd page and get a different set of SERPs. In other words, the 2nd page may contain results that where on the first page because the results shuffled between pages. Also results that should have been on the 2nd page are nowhere to be found because the SERP of the 2nd page actually ranks the site on the first page.

This happens logged in or not on 3 different machines & 6 browsers, one of which is my testing box which has never once logged into Google and always clears cookies so this goes way beyond personalization or web history.”

Strange times at the moment, lets hope things become more stable soon.

6 thoughts on “Google Rankings Highly Unstable

  1. John Lessnau says:

    My thought is Google does this to test the Adsense revenue with various ranking orders – especially in the 11+ rankings.

  2. No, like said above I have noticed a steady change in even the top 10 results. wowz

  3. Shilpi says:

    Yes, I have also been watching this trend for past few weeks even with the same data centers.

  4. Jeremy Kuo says:

    I blogged about different search results triggered by the same query in the context of capitalization, but the gist of adaptive search results applies in this discussion.

    Skip to paragraph 5 in my post:

    In short, I’m speculating that test-search behavior and the ensuing “no click” is contributing to the ranking shuffle.

  5. Gratis Forum says:

    In europe the results are unstable over a period of weeks.F.I. results can shift back into history after a period of months.
    I don’t see sudden shifts over a period of hours or minutes

  6. google lover says:

    The problem of being paid only by click is that users dont want to go to a different place than the one they have just arrived.Then you must make your ads look like part of your content, like a link to an inner page. then your ctr will increase.

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