The Top 10 SEO’s in the World

I always wanted to find out who the best SEO’s thought the Best SEO’s were, I’ve asked around and made a list of the top ten. If you don’t agree with any of the list, please contact the people on it directly:

10. Seth Godin – He may not call himself an SEO but he sure is –

9.  Dave Naylor – Load mouth, big balls, lovely bloke, knows everyone, everyone wants to know him. –

8. Ralph & Dirk – AKA – These guys revolutionised the industry and have forgotten more than you’ll ever know

7. Brett Tabke – Brett built upon Jim’s initial work and commercialised it. Commercial intent and capitalism are the underpinings of SEO and for that Brett should be in this list

6. Bob Massa – Being an effective SEO doesn’t just mean understanding the algorithm inside it, it also means having the balls to “go for it” darn the consequences. No one has gone for it more in the search engines than Bob when he sued Google – He didn’t win but he definately has testicles the size of watermelons!

5. NFFC – He simply is search and if he doesn’t know the answer he knows someone that will. Who he is, few know, how to get in contact with him, fewer still know  but if you have a large floodlight, can beam an image of Nottingham Forest Football Club’s logo into the sky, he may just come to your rescue.

4. Matt Cutts – I feel confident that if the gamekeeper ever turned poacher he’d have more venison that he’d know what to do with

3. Jason Duke – Where do the top SEOs go for help when they don’t know? Well know you know!

2. Krishna Bharat – Hilltop, nuf said. A bloody god!!! –

1. Jim Wilson – Jim was to SEO as the Wright brothers were to flight – He is missed!!

** I’ve been told that Jim Wilson was rude mean and spiteful to people new to the industry, again, not my opinion, just what I’ve heard.

I also thought Danny Sullivan, Michael Gray, Greg Boser, Aaron Wall and Todd Friesan deserved a place, they are certainly up there with the best.

3 thoughts on “The Top 10 SEO’s in the World

  1. JD Rucker says:

    I content that the best in the world are the ones that nobody knows about. It’s a rough, rough business, and the only true way to stay on top is to stay as anonymous as possible. Otherwise, others can figure out what they’re doing.

    Like a spy — the best ones are never known. Not comparing you SEO types to spies, but let’s face it, if you’re name is on a list, you must be great, but not necessarily the best.

    No offense to anyone ON the list, as I could only dream of making the kind of money that you guys make. Just a theory. An observation.

    Otherwise, I think the list is spot on!

  2. It’s funny isn’t it. I have looked at this list and I am not really a follower of any of them yet I do accept that these guys are ‘it’ based on what you are saying. I have been looking at others over the last few years but I guess that with time comes a bit more experience. However, I wil now be checking them out! Thanks.

  3. Block Paving says:

    its very difficult to do a top 10 SEO’s in the world list when there are so many of them these days each with their own individual skill sets.

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