Linkbaiting – What does It Deliver?

If you’re new to linkbaiting and you don’t know how many links or traffic to expect, I’ve created a little list so you can compare my results with your own. I consider myself and my team as one of the best in terms of results.

Once you master the “technique”, link baiting becomes easy. You’re not going to get a hit every time you launch however, you should see a good percentage of launches become successful. Building links will become easy and you’ll spend your time launching new websites instead of endlessly chasing for small amounts of links.

This is a rundown on the methodology and some average results.


Mainly through the main social networks, however, we also launch with popular blogs.


We get a FP for most of the launches we do on one or more social networks, a Digg FP will usually mean FP’s on most sites. On average 50% – 75% of our launches are successful.


Normally, at least 10,000 visitors, but 100,000 is not uncommon.


Usually, 100 – 1000 per launch, with 1000+ occasionally.

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  1. Doug says:

    And whats the anatomy of good link bait?

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