Mauve Hat SEO

Mauve Hat SEO

We had a conversation in the office on how to get certain widgets, gadgets or any other “viral material” viral. We discussed various explosive techniques which would ensure that the project would be a roaring success and would get a gargantuan amount of media attention.

We decided to call it “Mauve Hat SEO” – now everyone has a particular take on what colour their particular hat is, and to be quite honest, there are way too many “White Hats”, “Black Hats” “Blue Hats” and every other colour under the sun. However, I seriously doubt anyone has reserved the “Mauve Hat” peg. Nor will they want it or have the guts to wear it.

In order to obtain the right to wear the special Mauve Hat, you need to use an interesting technique to get your “viral” project started. Now, what you have to do is the following:

1. Murder someone – Preferably, someone that does not deserve a place on this earth. E.g.: Mugabe, Bin Laden etc.

2. Carve the URL which needs promoting into the chest of the now deceased person, don’t forget to include the obligatory “Made By:”

3. Call the media and alert them to the body.

This should ensure that your URL gets worldwide exposure and your viral project is a success.

EDIT: Seth has done a post here explaining why you need to be different to get the results you require.

Happy Marketing ;)

Thanks to Aaron for original hat picture.

One thought on “Mauve Hat SEO

  1. Lestat says:

    Thanks for the advice. I have just made my first kill and am about to proceed to step 3.

    I will keep you updated on how successful it is (providing they allow me internet access in whichever correctional facility i get sent to).

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