What’s Up with DMOZ?

I’m not sure what’s going on with DMOZ these days but they suck, I’ve added many websites over the last six months or so and not a single one has been added. These aren’t 3 page poo poo websites about how to win at the casinos, rather, serious websites with tons of resource and value. […]

Why EasyJet’s New Route To Tel Aviv Will Fail

A couple of months ago there was an announcement by EasyJet that they would start offering cheap flights to Israel. Everyone was rather excited by the prospect of going to Israel for almost nothing. I mean this is EasyJet afterall, it’s a soulless budget airline, but it’s cheap, so who cares what colour the bus […]

Goodbye & Hello

Well, it’s time to move this blog on, it’s evolving, growing up, getting taller – it’s balls are dropping and some other boy turning to man metaphors… Well, actually, SEO is a little dry to write about, (and Michael Gray was probably right) so I’m changing the theme to Internet Marketing in General and everything […]