Goodbye & Hello

Well, it’s time to move this blog on, it’s evolving, growing up, getting taller – it’s balls are dropping and some other boy turning to man metaphors… Well, actually, SEO is a little dry to write about, (and Michael Gray was probably right) so I’m changing the theme to Internet Marketing in General and everything else that interests me, which is rather a lot. This means that far fewer of my posts will be SEO related and more along the lines of viral marketing, companies that make marketing Fau’pars and Poker. I have a deep interest in Poker mainly the mathematical side of the game. These elements include: EV, the odds and the statistics of the game, I hope one day to play professionally.

I hope to post soon about a couple of things that are floating around my head, they are rather detailed and will take a substantial amount of time to research and write, so please be patient.

As one chapter closes another opens.