What’s Up with DMOZ?

I’m not sure what’s going on with DMOZ these days but they suck, I’ve added many websites over the last six months or so and not a single one has been added. These aren’t 3 page poo poo websites about how to win at the casinos, rather, serious websites with tons of resource and value. Some of them are not even monetised. I used to be a DMOZ editor myself and I know what format to follow when submitting. So it’s nothing to do with my style of submission.

I think the fact of the matter is that DMOZ is like a third world country with the editors like corrupt policemen, protecting their own interests and the Meta Editors are akin to bent politicians ensuring their own interests are taken care of and are not interested in anyone else.

It’s common knowledge that people who run serious categories will not allow their competitors in and will automatically delete any submissions that threaten their little section.

DMOZ, take control of the corruption problem and sort it out so it’s free and fair for everyone. Shame on you!

One thought on “What’s Up with DMOZ?

  1. angela says:

    AMEN! What is up! 2 years ago I posted my own site and viola about 30 days later it was up.I’ve done this now for a few friends and 6 months later – still not posted. 2 completely different categories. What’s up?

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