Why EasyJet’s New Route To Tel Aviv Will Fail

A couple of months ago there was an announcement by EasyJet that they would start offering cheap flights to Israel. Everyone was rather excited by the prospect of going to Israel for almost nothing. I mean this is EasyJet afterall, it’s a soulless budget airline, but it’s cheap, so who cares what colour the bus is right? Ding-Dong Wrong.

I think EasyJet has been ill advised on this occasion and I predict that the route will be withdrawn within 6 – 12 months as there will not be enough people wanting to use the EasyJet service for a number of reasons which I will highlight below.

1. The price saving isn’t big enough to make a switch between Israel’s local airline El Al (which is state sponsored) and give up all the “luxuries” that you get on board compared to what you would get on an EasyJet flight, going to the toilet for free is one of the last luxuries on the budget carriers…for now. When you take the cost of buying some food on an EasyJet flight, the price difference will be almost negligible.

2. Israelis are a patriotic bunch and would rather support their local airline than a foreign one with no frills.

3. Security is highly important to people that live and travel to Israel. El Al’s security is second to none, and if a terrorist was planning to end his life on a flight destined for Israel, he wouldn’t make El Al his first choice as the security is ultra tight. I often get a “special search” when travelling to Tel Aviv. The point being, EasyJet’s security will not be of the same standard as El Al’s.

4. The seats are uncomfortable on EasyJet and you can’t recline them, this isn’t so much of an issue when going to Amsterdam from London (1 Hour) – but try sitting like that for five hours. No thanks.

All in all, with the sacrifices you have to make to security and comfort as well as not supporting Israel’s national airline I don’t think that saving £10 – £20 is going to tempt many people out of changing their preferred airline on this occasion. Nice try EasyJet, but I’d be very surprised if you succeed.

Bon Voyage for now.

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