4 of a kind Queens On Full Tilt Poker

For the first time in my life in a real poker game I had four of a kind of anything! What an amazing feeling, to top it off they were Queens so I wasn’t going to lose, no matter what. It happened very early in a Sit and Go Tournament and I crushed the guy who dared to challenge my raise and re-raise. You get this huge buzz, almost like nothing you’ve ever felt before, it’s like an energy or an excitement that’s almost uncontrollable that rises from your stomach and into your mouth, you want to scream but you watch the rest of the hand instead with utter glee knowing the guy that just put all his chips is laughing at his most unfortunate luck.

Here is a picture from the screenshot I took as it happened, It’s the game at the bottom. If you;’re wondering why I have more than one game on at a time it’s because Poker can be really slow so if you multi-table there is usually always action and you can make money faster that way.

Four of a Kind Queens on Full Tilt Poker (FTP)

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