Fantasy Housewife Shoppers Ruining Your Conversion Data?

If you own a retail store you may ask yourself why you get so many shoppers abandoning their goods purchases at the checkout. You may think you have a bug in the shopping cart system or a problem with the gateway or merchant. However, have you considered that many people shop and then abandon their purchases just before making payment?

These people are called fantasy shoppers and the ruin your conversion data. They have no intention of buying, rather just to experience the thrill of shopping without actually following through with the entire transaction. These people actually enjoy the thrill of “shopping” rather than the actual ownership of the goods, if they can afford to buy and they do, the goods lose their perceived value to them and probably won’t even get used. You can classify these people in the same category as alcoholics or drug addicts, it’s associated with OCD and needs therapy to break the repetitive, compulsive behaviour.

If you have an amount of abandoned shopping baskets and you have tried every angle possible, consider putting a percentage down to people that never actually intended to buy anything in the first place.

One thought on “Fantasy Housewife Shoppers Ruining Your Conversion Data?

  1. Ellie Shoppit says:

    At last my habit has been identified as a recognized disability, and that my obsessive stockpiling of baskets across the internet superhighway is not, I repeat, NOT abnormal!

    Thank you

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