Spammers Ruined my Stumble Upon Experience

Well Stumble is dead for me, sadly. I had a particular incessant spammer whom, each day would spam my StumbleUpon inbox to death. Each time I would want to Stumble, I would see the dry, boring “package tours to India” website. God, I hate it. The website in question is and the spammers name is “romeoman”. You might ask why I didn’t clear my inbox? Well, I did, but Stumble is slooooooow and it takes 15 seconds or so to Stumble through each message multiply that by hundreds of messages and it becomes a chore which I can’t be bothered with. I’ve tried blocking Romeoman but that hasn’t worked either and I’ve tried clearing my inbox from the user admin system, but it’s not what you’d call intuitive and I’ve given up.

So thanks to you Romeoman and your nasty little website, you’ve spammed me so hard that I’ve given up something which I really used to enjoy. I can’t believe some twit constantly filling the same peoples in-boxes over and over thinks that it might actually change peoples perspective to encourage them to eagerly rush and logon to the website and with anxious fingers book their tours to India.

If you read this Romeoman from, please go and fuck yourself for ruining StumbleUpon for me.