TicketMaster Sending Promotional Emails when I’ve Opted Out

Don’t you hate companies that disobey your opt-out request not to be sent any promotional material after you’ve made a purchase? Man it pisses me off, I think it’s completely disrespectful of your wishes and terrible customer service. Anyway, I bought a couple of tickets through Ticketmaster to see a show at the Oxford theatre in September, the transaction was duly completed quite easily, however, there was a box that I unchecked which opted me out of receiving any further unnecessary emails.  Low and behold: Within 36 hours they are emailing me telling me what the benefits of my membership are or whatever.

Also, they sent me an email telling me about my “insurance” which I have bought to cover me in-case I don’t see the show for £5 odd – now what the hell is that all about? I didn’t want any insurance and I certainly didn’t knowingly ask for any, so why have the billed me for it or was it included? More investigation required here.

I hope your weekend was good my dear readers :)

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