User Generated Content Rules

For someone that vaguely understands how search engines work, one aspect that really gets my blood pumping is user generated content (UGC), it’s terribly exciting from a webmasters perspective, if you can avoid having your site spammed to death. Google and and other major search engines love to gobble up content, their proverbial bellies always hungry for more perceived good quality writing to index and display when queried.

This is a classic example of a brilliant UGC styled website whom are now branching out into building out their business a bit further by offering a sort of Yellow Pages based off the back of their hyper successful Q & A style site.

Taking it a step further, you can  used a trusted site in Google to kick start your new venture, even specific queries like this Newport Beach Facebook should get indexed and start to receive a little traffic. Now imagine, each new search created a new non dupe page – yummy.

Moral of the story: Trust (lots of PR) + A ton of content = Lots of $

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