How to Fail at Advertising

I subscribe to Wired magazine, I think it’s the most amazing piece of literature ever produced ever ever. That doesn’t say much for me and my depth of knowledge, but seriously, it is amazing and it’s a very “boyzy” magazine. It’s filled with science, gadgets, business, technology, entrepreneurship and basically everything else that I like. If you had access to see their demographic stats I’m sure they would look something along the lines of:

99% – Male
1% – Undisclosed

Reading my magazine this month, I came across the most misplaced advert ever, it was an advert for a subscription to…wait for it…Vogue. I mean seriously, how can you get a more misplaced advert than that? I only have one word for the media planner of Fail.

Magazine Boutique is a sort of supermarket / distributor for a bunch of magazines so you can subscribe to them in one place. Of course they also offer a subscription to Wired so there is some cross pollination going on, but I thought “these two plants ain’t going to breed”. I mean why didn’t they put in: House and Garden or GQ – Twice (Think I already saw a GQ advert in for this month but seeing a different advert for the same magazine would’ve been much better)

I’m really confused as to why they would’ve run an advert for Vogue in what is almost a 100% male magazine? Maybe they thought the male readership would’ve bought a subscription for their girlfriends or wives, but that wouldn’t have worked either as people that read Wired are so uber geeky that getting one is very unlikely, the only woman that we have a chance with resides in a 24″ computer monitor and I don’t think she really wants a subscription to Vogue.

Sorry to slam you Magazine Boutique but your media planner / buyer really sucks at planning / buying media, I’ve never seen a more misplaced advert in my life. At least it made me laugh, and I’m sure I’m not alone.



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