OMFG: Mr.Google, How Long Before We Get The Link Credit?

Do I really need to explain? Okay, I will anyway…

Google is an algorithm that is link based, maybe not so much in the future, but for now it still is. However, back in the day, you’d build some links and “hey presto”, you’d see some some changes in your website ranking. However, these days, we build some amazing links though the most creative viral marketing possible, the projects garner lots of links and then…We wait a loooooonnnnggg time to see the effects.

You can see why Google does it, well, they do it to maybe make people think that their monthly rental links don’t work, so there’s the logic, but come on, give it to us already. I’m not talking about paid links here, just regular editorial links, from authority sources. Where money can’t buy links. Please Mr.Google, please.

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