STFU Ferrari

Ferrari are such a whining bunch of people, it’s astonishing. The way they have gone on about being disadvantaged by the safety car this weekend is truly terrible. Hamilton made a marginal decision by overtaking the safety car and because it was MARGINAL they took a while to punish him and therefore the penalty was almost negated. Hamilton gambled and while he didn’t exactly win, he didn’t lose either. Mr. Alonso, next time, maybe you should take those marginal gambles as some of them will work for you too and some won’t but at least you won’t be a crying baby.

Even Montezemolo has eventually stepped in saying it’s destroying the credibility of the sport, when in actual fact all moaning is actually making Ferrari look like pathetic, unprofessional sore losers. I think there is only one loser this weekend and it’s Ferrari, not F1 or anyone else. Nobody likes a whinger.

SFTU Ferrari. I used to support you.

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