A Recent Job Application Received…

Not many people like people that live off the good hard-working tax paying folk, especially myself. I was so struck by this recent application that came in, I’ve decided to blog expose what one of these lazy-layabouts thinks about work and being a decent person. I would’ve posted the entire CV but I’m sure there are some data protection issues that should be considered and I’d rather not have the hassle.

We’re advertising for a web-designer / programmer @ £30,000 per year + bonus, not that it is relevant to this “gentleman”, sorry – “lazy dog”. His last job ended in 2001 as a Roofer…He makes particular reference to how evil the Tory government are for forcing him back to work. Well, I voted Tory and this put a gargantuan smile on my face. I hope they whip and pelt you with rocks back into employment (preferably toilet cleaning).

Without further ado:

“Dear employer,

You may or may not know but the government don’t want any long-term dole scroungers anymore, it’s hard to be a lay-about these days. One way they are doing this is putting dolelites on “harassed them back to work” courses. Part of the course is to sent out a million job applications. As you can imagine a load of useless applications get sent out, wasting valuable internet bandwidth and your time.

If this application annoyed you and you voted Tory then you only have your self to blame, expect more. If you didn’t vote Tory then it’s another handy excuse to hate the government.

Man I got to get out of England, what a dump. I can’t understand why anyone who can afford plane-fare stays in this country.

Sorry about this,
Robert (job-seeker)”

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