Google Panda, et alia

If my analysis and theories about the latest Google algorithmic update are correct then sites like will never recover. Christopher Knight owns and his solution to the update was to “clean up his site” and improve the “quality” of the “articles” being submitted.  Right now, It’s going to make little or no difference and there will be no Google Panda recovery or solution for Ezinearticles should the algorithm remain somewhat akin to what it is today. and have a chance to recover but the size of the task is monstrous and hugely expensive. However, they can recover. Google could and probably will change their algorithm in a couple of years time again and all that expensive work they put in will go up in flames.

More worrying though is that if Google don’t change their Panda algorithm dramatically, then the websites that have been affected (that’s everyone that can’t fix their sites) will continue to bleed traffic slowly. If some websites are down 30% now, it’s likely that the attrition won’t stop there and the affected websites traffic will continue to fall.

My theory has come up 83% correct with each of the sites I’ve looked at, however, I’m looking for more websites to do blind testing on. If you’ve been hit by the recent changes and are looking for a solution to the recent Google Panda update, then please put your URL in the comments and let me know whether I can publish them or not. I’ll then look at the sites that are left as examples and either comment or write back to you with a simple “yes” or “no” as to whether I believe your site was affected. Once we’re all settled and I’m absolutely certain  that my theory and analysis is correct, I’ll try to give you some advice for your site.

It might be that I’ve found a consistent side effect of the Google Panda update and I’m going off on some tangent and am completely wrong, but I doubt it.

If you’re looking for the panacea to your website woes and want a Google Panda fix, then leave me a comment – what have you got to lose?  Even more traffic?

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