Google Panda Update (v2.0)

This is my rolling commentary on Google Panda and the recent algorithm update.

In a previous blog post, I blogged about founding a trend and I still stand by that theory (for now). We’re starting to test and make some rather drastic changes to some sites in order to find a solution to the Panda update and hopefully recover the traffic we’ve lost.

While I won’t be publishing what steps I took (should what I’m doing actually make a significant difference), I’ll hopefully get permission from my clients to publish the analytics graphs, minus the numbers probably. I’m hoping that the traffic swing will be very clear. It should demonstrate that a Google Panda Recovery or solution is feasible and you’ll need to fix your site to recover from this “filter” or “algorithmic penalty”.

A little bit of concrete information for now:

We’re finding that Google’s crawl rate has dropped off dramatically in the last few days as opposed to crawling VAST amounts of the site just before Google Panda hit. This means any changes you make will take longer to take effect as Google isn’t seeing as many pages at a time. I also believe there is a “delayer” in the algo and am therefore expecting a  4 – 6 week time-frame to see an uplift in traffic.

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