Sky Broadband is Slow and Rubbish

The title only tells a small part about my disappointment with Sky Broadband and my Sky Internet problems. My personal experience with the company has been utterly diabolical, not only have I experienced a huge Broadband speed issue but the company appear to have problems in other areas of their business too. The following article is a summary of my own personal opinion and experiences with Sky Broadband. I’ve listed the issues in bold for easy reading and a quick Sky Broadband review, or if you’re experiencing Sky Broadband problems and want to discover whether other people have experienced similar issues, please read on:


Sky Broadband

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1 Sky Broadband is Slow: (EXTREMELY SLOW)

Sky Internet is horribly, devastatingly slow. When I moved into my house and decided to use Sky Broadband because I thought it would be prudent to bundle the Satellite TV and internet together, I only had one broadband speed option available for the internet, it was the 8Mb line. My house happens to be in the countryside and I am aware that I’d not get what I paid for. I won’t get my full broadband speed quota because I’m not in a city and because of something called contention rate. (“Contention rate” is the amount of people that would share your broadband line, sharing with fifty or more people is not unusual).

Advertised “Broadband speeds” are nonsense. Fact I think many of the major broadband providers recruit copywriters that have PhD’s. in fictional writing,  I accept that I’m being charged for something I’m not getting, (I can’t believe that I’ve just written that). It’s like seeing an advert for a fast car that does 200 mph, but when you buy it, you discover that it only gets to 65 mph (on a good day). However, there isn’t much anyone can do about it and it’s the same for everyone so it seems to be accepted as the “norm” here in the UK.

If I have to take the same tenuous analogy and apply it to my Sky Internet connection then the 200mph car I bought would do 2 mph. Yes, my internet is at least one hundred times slower than what’s been promised at certain times. In fact, my internet doesn’t work at all regularly so the proverbial car is broken down fairly frequently.

My Sky Internet is slow all the time, whether it is morning, noon or night, weekends or weekdays. It’s Slow. Very slow. I frequently test my broadband speed with broadband speed test tools and Sky Broadband will download at speeds of less than 1 Mb to over 4 Mb. That’s not the issue. The real test for a internet connection is it’s upload speed. It’s no good having the ability to download at a thousand times faster than the speed of light when your upload speed is as slow as molasses. This means that my broadband is about as useful as a glass hammer. My upload speed at times is less than 30K. Terrible.

2.  My Sky Router Didn’t Work Properly: (POOR QUALITY SKY INTERNET ROUTERS)

On multiple occasions Sky Customer service told me that the Faceplate on my telephone socket had failed. I retort: “No Mr.Sky Internet Customer service, the wireless internet router you provided didn’t work as it should have done“. My internet connection would work for five minutes and then the wireless Sky Internet router would freeze and require a reboot (gets a bit tedious after a while), I checked whether the distance between the computer and the router maybe causing the Sky Broadband wireless router problems. It wasn’t. I presume the router problems exist because the internet fluctuates so greatly that the cheap wireless routers Sky provide can’t cope. I’ve changed my router and that particular issue has gone away. Now I “only” have very slow internet that works some of the time. The wireless routers that Sky Broadband provide are manufactured by a company called D-Link for your reference.

3. Sky Internet Customer Service is Dissatisfactory: (TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE)

Here are a few of the issues that I unfortunately encountered with Sky’s customer service:

3.1 As I had ordered internet and satellite TV in a “bundle deal” they had to physically “install” some hardware for the TV to work. They cancelled and the appointment at the very last minute. They then requested anther appointment two weeks later!

3.2. I had to wait a further two weeks after the TV installation had been done for a Sky engineer to come to my house and “do something” so my internet would work. When the Sky engineer didn’t arrive on the promised date I telephoned their customer service number and was informed that an “engineer didn’t have to come to my house” and the “internet would work soon”. I lost almost a full days worth of work waiting for a phantom telephone engineer. Thanks!

3.3. I had to make multiple pointless calls to inept customer service agents trying to resolve issues. Sometimes they would helpfully suggest to “call me back” as calls to their “helpline” are really expensive when called from a mobile phone. The people that supposedly call you back have striking similarities to their phantom telephone engineers. Nobody called me back, ever.

As I write this blog post, I’m currently paying for two broadband connections at home. Sky Broadband is so slow and unreliable that I’m not even connected to the internet through them currently. I’m working off a mobile internet Dongle, ironically, the speed and reliability supersede what Sky Internet for me by a country mile. I find it astounding that Sky Internet or BSYSB are still riding high in terms of broadband market-share; even though I’ve read thousands of near identical Sky Broadband problems.

If you’re contemplating a move to Sky Broadband as part of a package deal, TV bundle or even a standalone product, I urge you to consider choosing another broadband provider. The internet is full of people on forums that angry, unhappy and generally dissatisfied with Sky Broadband.  If you’re attempting to get Sky Broadband help and found this Blog then you’re probably wasting your time looking for the answer to your Sky Internet problems, cancel your contract with Sky Broadband and get another broadband provider. I don’t believe there is a Sky Broadband fix, the issues are systemic and it would appear as though their infrastructure is completely inadequate. I’ve been using a website called “broadband speed test” to conduct my Sky Internet speed tests as it seems to be the most accurate when it comes to determining how fast your broadband actually is.

Broadband is an industry rife with mis-selling and Sky Broadband seem to be one of the worst in terms of what you get versus what you pay.

13 thoughts on “Sky Broadband is Slow and Rubbish

  1. Hi
    The empty promises to call back are simply used to get rid of customers once the obvious script fails to clear any problem. They also fiddle the log to pretend that they told you to “monitor the connection for 48 hours” so there is no record of the promise being made.
    SkyTalk also blocks any other provider from checking the line to offer a better deal and ensures that you suffer a lengthy period offline if you try to move to another provider.

  2. Iain Cain says:

    I have experienced all of the above and now am in the process of changing provider, At best my internet with sky runs at 0.85 more usual is 0.4 download, upload is virtually non existent. I pay for 20 meg unlimited connection along with a TV package, I had hoped that I would be able to keep that particular bill under one roof.

  3. lolaciri says:

    my sky broadband speed at 5pm onwards was 0.14Mbps, and i am not joking,
    sometimes it took 5 min to load the speed test page.
    i got so fed up with there customer service, i quit my contract and got a new isp and i would recommend everybody else to do the same.
    sky broadband is rubbish.

  4. Katrina Willis says:

    Hi, been with them 16 days. The broadband is so bad i’m trying to cancel and they’re saying I can’t.
    How did you all cancel?

  5. admin says:

    16 days… I’d fight hard, there is still time to get out of it I think. I fought very, very hard and won in the end.

  6. Mr.R says:

    I have been with Sky for around 2 years, their broadband was okay for the first year, 1mb connection was all I needed. Then after about a year the connection has dropped to 700kb on a good day and around 300kb the rest. The worst part is, my parents are unwilling to switch providers because they don’t know the problems that it causes the rest of us since they do not use the connection. Since I am unable to do anything I think it would be a better thing to just warn everyone else, the broadband is cheap for a reason, do not go with sky because it’s “cheap” since it will be a major disappointment and will give you anger issues towards customer support. I have complained on several occasions, I get told that “There is an error on your line” which is quite retarded since their engineers set it up and if they know there are errors why aren’t they trying to sort it? I am very confused about their logic and I am going to try and get a switch to BT. I’ve heard that BT Infinity is fantastic from a few friends.

  7. DT156 says:

    Sky provide a service that latches on to BT, when BT customers are using that service to the hilt the sky customers come second. They do not provide any service, they simply sell BT to customers with the spin that they are getting a better deal. The reason your service is slow.. is not because you are far away from the exchange, it is because you signed up to a third party provider. I have used both networks and believe me I would rather pay the extra to BT to watch movies than watch that little circle go around & around & around… you get the message, you get what you pay for and in the case of Sky you get rubbish.

  8. Simon says:

    Ive had sky connect for 18 mth and had 6-7 meg download, just recently I’ve had less than 1 meg. It been less than 1 meg for over a week now. Sky have decided that it is my router that has a problem, (not so sure myself) and wanted nearly £40 for a replacement. I argued the toss with them and a new one is being sent FOC. I am awaiting for it as of now, hoping it will restore the speed.

  9. Jon O says:

    I recently moved from Hull which has its own ISP and telephone provider in the form of Kingston Communications. The broadband, Karoo, is one of the fastest in the country, if not *the* fastest, and the service is everything you’d expect it to be. Everything it’s advertised as being — and everything you need from an ISP.

    The SKY service going through BT is absolutely horrendous. The router, despite looking very nice, is about as useful as a brick. The speeds I’m getting are a quarter of what Karoo provided — as advertised — and the connection is forever dropping off. Two days worth of gaming on Mortal Kombat I’ve racked up a whopping 20 disconnects on my stats, having had none that weren’t voluntary before, on my stable and reliable Karoo connection, after literally thousands of matches.

    If you’re a gamer and you’re shopping around for broadband. Avoid the hell out of SKY! I’d say BT are deliberately gimping SKY’s service, especially around peak times, while SKY is deliberately shipping out shoddy and cheap equipment. It’s a bad combo.

    Never thought I’d say it, but I miss Hull. lol

    SKY Broadband is overpriced, slow, and the equipment is first-rate shite! Avoid it.

  10. Ian says:

    Having been with sky for over a year broadband and phone only.I found them to be the worst company ever to deal with I have had over 30 problems with my service from slow connection to none at all.Customer service is a joke they simply blame openreach,very convenient.The final straw for me was the other day my broadband went out for no reason as it has done several times i called ,the guy was very rude he said he had done a line test which showed no problems ,so there wasnt a problem. I wrote to complain and received a email backing him up totally.I have since switched to another provider, it gave me great pleasure to tell sky where to put there terrible broadband and so called customer service…,AVOID SKY AT ALL COST THERE THE WORST SO CALLED BROADBAND PROVIDER I HAVE EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO ENCOUNTER…

  11. Chynna Phillips says:

    After being a loyal customer with SKY for over 10 years, I was due a refund of 14 measley pounds. It has now been 4 months, and I have yet to see a single penny of that money. Customer services are incompetent, absolutely useless, unhelpful and just a bunch of call-centre people who respond from a script. It’s such a poor excuse of a company that even the script isn’t correct! I have spoken to countless people – each one giving me varied responses as to how my money will be refunded, I have so many e-mail correspondance to them if compiled would put Harry Potter to shame. To think a company that sells communication and media would at least get that part right! Choose Virgin – you’ll at least get a better service and your money back when it’s rightfully due!

  12. Mike says:

    It’ll cost you nothing to cancel as the product you bought is not fit for purpose. The tel con when you joined promised speeds of between 6 and 8 meg. This tel con was recorded. In the two months I put up with sky I didn’t once get those speeds therefore I cancelled and received a full refund.

  13. admin says:

    Sure you did Mr Sky Employee.

    That’s why you’re using a Sky IP address now:

    What a joker.

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