1 Reason why Google’s +1 Button won’t succeed.

My buddy AJ sent me a blog post that said five reasons why Google’s +1 button will succeed. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with him and I think it will be +1’ed out of Google faster than you can say “WTF is +1?”

The reason: SPAM.

When or if Google start using it as a ranking signal, people will figure out how to get lots of +1’s to benefit themselves and raise their own websites visibility in the SERPS. I can already get people as many Facebook Likes, Digg votes or any other votes as I wish including 1+’s as soon as they launch. I can even get them from a different IP every time and clicking through from a SERP as well as behaving like a user and not a bot. Now, imagineĀ theĀ abuse by a couple of hundred smart spammers.

If you want 200,000 +1’s, you can have them, tomorrow if so choose. With natural click intervals, IP ranges and even real verified Google accounts. Automatically and legally. I don’t even have to Crowd Source to get the votes, let alone even contemplate using real people.

There we have it, I think that Google’s +1 will be the single biggest opportunity of abuse ever to hit their Algo.

Here is my buddies blog post which advocates the +1 button.

C’est la vie

One thought on “1 Reason why Google’s +1 Button won’t succeed.

  1. aj says:

    I do agree that Google will have to fight spam for this to work. My guess is that they have thought about that and created some filters. They already have some experience in telling if a tweet is worth more if comes from an Authoritative source.

    My guess is that they will weight heavily when they fully trust a person is real and almost not at all if they cant determine. But I do agree with you that people are going to go nuts trying to game the system!

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