Apple Trumps Google as Worlds Most Valuable Brand – In the Worlds Most Pointless Research.

Another year and another pointless survey run by yet another company called WPP using a side “brand” called Brandz to conduct the “research”. They use big name companies to boost their own brand “equity” and revenue.  Google one year, Apple the next and possibly Facebook in a few years. Or perhaps Marlboro, Tesco, Mercedes Benz or even Hermes will win in years to come *yawn*.

This must be the most contrived study I’ve ever seen,  you can’t compare these companies. It’s impossible to take thousands of opinions all of which are subjective, mash in some other random metrics, work the data until it looks “cool” and then announce a winner. It pure fiction based on a bunch of immeasurable made up rules. It’s comparing Apples against carpets and pencil sharpeners against fuel additives. They are incompatible and the study is about as useful as a waterproof teabag.

This research reminds me of  “car of the year” contests that are run by many large organisations and publications where  they often compare Ferraris with Hummers and Toyota Prius’ with amphibious vehicles. – It’s really lame and stupid and the results mean zero. There is nothing to compare, they are designed to do completely different jobs and tasks. A Ferrari can’t climb cliffs, a Hummer is a terrible race car and a Smart Car doesn’t go in water. The only possible way to compare anything properly is to do it in a controlled environment and test whatever it is you’re wanting to compare using the exact same method.  Whether it’s a car, washing machine or even a “brand”. If you can’t run objective tests, then it’s not research and the results are totally subjective.

I am impressed with the level of interest they have built around this pseudo research though,  It’s something which is commendable in all seriousness. If in the future, I ever need an agency to help promote one of my companies or products, I’ll seriously consider asking WPP to take me on as a client. If they can pull off this gimmick year after year, they will be able to take a high quality product and turn it into a market leader with their creative flair and connections.

Marketing lesson taught by WPP (Brandz): Wrapping a brick of lead in a thin film of gold foil is as good as having a 24 Karat solid gold brick. Getting people to believe that what you offer is special and valuable is incredibly easy if you act as though it is. Create a high level of perceived value and you’re 95% of the way to achieving your goals.

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