Google Music Cloud Launches…

Google is launching their own music cloud called “Music Beta by Google”. The basic principal behind the service is so you can upload your own personal music to the Google Cloud. AKA Server farm and then listen to it from anywhere with a music connection.

Is this the Death of the Ipod already? Now all that’s required is a set of headphones connected to the internet via a phone or computer, when the internet infrastructure is good enough in the Western world that is. Wouldn’t this be a diabolical waste of time and resource for Google when services like Spotify are just gaining traction? People won’t buy music in the near future, they will stream it for free.

I’ve heard that Google have negotiated with the four big music labels, although, if it’s your own private music, I’m not sure why this is such a big deal. There must be more to come from this service, Spotify V2.0. Sounds promising indeed.

The new Google music cloud storage product will begin as an invitation service only service and will be exclusive to the the United States initially. It’ll also be free. Good old Google with their quest to own the internet, we get all these amazing free services to help the mighty Goog extract even more advertising money from businesses.  Thanks for being so money hungry Google, the side effect is magical.

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