Google Panda and the Capitalists

A search of Google now displays people capitalising on the Google Panda update by displaying services that many people assume will helping you in regaining your Google traffic that was lost when Google updated their algorithm.

I love the tenacity of people that do these things, it’s not hard, but it’s smart. I don’t think it’s long-lived but the clicks are cheap on Adwords and maybe they’ll get some customers of off the back of their efforts.

One of the companies that happens to be taking advantage of other people’s misfortune is, they offer a SaaS that checks your Grammar. Sounds like a great service if your grammar is poor and you want to hide that your written skill isn’t as good as it should be ;)

Even if it doesn’t help your site regain it’s former traffic glory, it’s not going to do it any harm, seems like a bargain to sound like a written genius for $20 a month too.

Good for Grammarly, it seems like a great service, I think I might just sign up and write a review on how well it works.

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