Google Panda Update Thoughts….

I’m still not really seeing ANY sites reporting a Google Panda recovery…I’ve started making significant changes to some of my clients sites. A lot of them are very large sites, ranging from 100,000 pages to over a million pages.

I continue to believe that my thesis is correct and hopefully my client’s sites will recover soon. If they do, I’ll do my utmost to publish the results here. That said, I’m feeling a little stressed by it all. I wish that sites were recovering so that we knew that there is a solution to Panda, I believe that one exists as Google’s has “officially” said so, however, who knows these days?
Some thoughts on Google Panda and a solution:

1. There are people saying that Google wouldn’t hurt sites because of Adsense because of the loss of revenue, but I believe that if there is a long term advantage, Google will balance that with better SERPS vs lost revenue and play the “long game”. Take Ehow, Suite101 and their other huge publishing partners as an example, they have cut their revenue for a reason…If a loss of a few hundreds of millions of dollars means less critical PR or cleaner SERPS, then Google will do it to make more money in the long-run.

2. The lack of sites and SEO’s reporting a recovery is a concern, if a recovery is possible – what is the period from crawl to Panda release? A “delayer” if you will.

3. I think it would be appropriate if Matt Cutts or Amit Singhal would go on record and state whether a “full recovery is possible.”

4. The collateral damage is huge. Really enormous. I think if no websites recover then it’ll turn every SEO that follows their guidelines to some extent into people that don’t give a hoot. Google will endure an unprecedented assault of spam as people will despise being told to play by the rules and then penalised for reasons Google won’t explain properly. Take this site for example: 100% original and great quality content. His crime? To produce high quality articles are per Google’s guidelines. The punishment? A 70%+ loss of Google traffic. It’s not my site so I don’t care, but it illustrates the potential issue which may become systemic with webmasters. If that was my website, I’d be livid.

5. When the fortress becomes stronger, the crimes becomes more violent. As Google’s algo becomes more impervious to spam, people will become more desperate to make money. I predict an unholy amount of hacking attacks coming to prominence in the near future. Not just websites and web-servers being infected with Malware and dodgy links but data theft, identity cloning and much, much more unlawful cyber behaviour. It’s going to get nasty for a few years. Believe me.

6. This is my last algo chase, I have no doubt if there is a solution, one will be found. There are too many smart people that have much to lose if they don’t find a Google Panda solution or fix. However, I’m starting other businesses and a number of them too. All of them do not rely on free traffic from Google directly. The stress that Google creates for me as a search marketer has made me realise that there is more to life than obsessing about a Blackbox we cannot see and that we’ll be marginalised as “Google Organic Search Marketers” eventually. It’s diversify or die. Free traffic is a diminishing luxury and I’m getting off this boat before it sinks and I drown with a bunch of my colleagues. I’ll continue to do SEO but it’s not going to be the primary focus of my efforts. It’s made me a small fortune and I consider myself to be one of the best, but I don’t think I’m smart enough to keep it up indefinitely. There are easier and more stable ways to make money from the internet. The uncertainty and stress has just become too much, I value my sanity and if this keeps happening, I’m not sure I’ll still be sane in a few years time. This is the third major update of my career as a search marketer and hopefully the last one I care deeply about. SEO’s will exist as long as Google and other search engines give away free traffic but I won’t be one of them hopefully. They will all be poor and clinically insane eventually. I found something apt on this SEO blog, I like the guys writing and he’s clearly pretty smart. It summed up how I feel about Google and being a person that’s made all their money from SEO. Click here to see what I’m talking about…

7. The amount of misinformation being spread about by so called authorities is frightening. Vanessa Fox wrote an article that was published just after Panda became live. Matt Cutts endorsed it as a good article which it was if you’re after best practices. Some of what Vanessa wrote was so completely wrong it was unreal and about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Laura Lippay also “contributed” an article on SEOMoz with a finger pointing “I told you so article” which was just utter bullshit. I wonder what Laura Lippay is going to tell the small webmasters that obeyed Google’s guidelines so vehemently?

I’m going to close off with what Aaron Wall stated on his blog a few days ago, if this doesn’t give you food for thought, then you’re either in denial about your future or in denial about your intelligence.

“If you are a small business primarily driven by organic search you either need to have big brand, big ego, big balls, or a lack of common sense to stay in the market in the years to come, as the market keeps getting consolidated. ;)”

I apologise for any typos or grammatical errors, I have no time other than to give my posts a cursory glance over these days.

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