Jemima Khan and Jeremy Clarkson Super Injunction – Pointless

I’m amazed that gagging orders are still even remotely effective these days. The latest “scandal” (I use that word lightly) revolves around a few celebrities that like to have sex with one another. The UK newspapers, especially the tabloids are utterly ruthless when it comes to exposing people and their private lives, it’s pretty disgusting and I don’t agree with it at all.

However, I don’t believe that people should have the power to control the press by using the law either. It’s bizarre and very open to abuse. Especially by people in politics.

Wouldn’t the UK be better place if publishers didn’t have to destroy peoples marriages to sell their sleezy snot rags and newspaper editors actually had some morals, and EVEN showed some respect t0 the people they were about to send into proverbial hell? Unlikely.

Gagging orders are a joke, if you want something published that will circumvent UK law then release it on a websites that are not affiliated to the UK. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. The laws don’t apply then and even if it’s forcibly taken down with international lawsuits, it would’ve become viral  by then and everyone will know by then any way. Look at what happened with Max Mosley, it was impossible to control.

Gagging orders are an abuse of the law in most cases. It’s disgusting and no matter who you are, you shouldn’t be using them to cover up your personal affairs.

So Jeremy Clarkson, Jemima Khan, Wayne Rooney, Actors, Actresses and any other people who don’t want their personal parts ;) being exposed, don’t get caught.

If you know of a gagging order that will take place and don’t want these draconian laws being abused, send me an email. I’ll publish it here and there isn’t a thing anyone can do about it either.

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