& Deceptive Recurring Billing. Possibly Fraud or Illegal?

If you’re looking for a way to cancel your dating account or how to cancel your subscription, the subscription cancellation telephone number is at the end of this blog post. have been featured on Watchdog for billing people and leading customers believe that they will not continue to be billed once they have suspended their accounts, they apparently make it very easy to suspend accounts but don’t stop their automatic billing of the subscriptions. The messaging appears to be very ambiguous, downright confusing and very deceptive. I’d go as far as saying it could be fraud, but that’s only my opinion.

If you’re looking for a way to cancel your account then I believe you have to call them. That appears to be the only channel of cancellation, you don’t have to telephone them to open an account – do you?!

Match would have spent millions channelling you into signing up to their dating website once you had clicked on one of their Google adverts  (called conversion rate optimisation), and it appears they have spent money on making sure you can’t leave either. It’s an atrocity and I think that sort of behaviour is disgusting.

Again, it appears you can only cancel by telephone, here is the dating subscription cancellation telephone number: 0800 368 5856  (This 0800 number is no longer valid and dead)




BEFORE you delete your account you first need to cancel your subscription:

For MATCH.COM call on 020 305 96 492 OR FOR YOU NEED TO USE THIS NUMBER: 020 305 96 493

The above number is only open during office hours now, as opposed to the previous 24/7 telephone number.

Outrageous – shame on you 


Alexander King (Alex) is the Head of UK Customer Care for – perhaps try and find out what his email address is and email him personally for a refund.

Please leave comments if you have any further information which may help people get a refund or otherwise.

118 thoughts on “ & Deceptive Recurring Billing. Possibly Fraud or Illegal?

  1. Joe Domingo says:

    I totally agree with the above, it also happened to me. Last year I thought I had cancelled my membership at the end of the term, I even got my suspension confirmation print which I thought was my cancellation, but they still billed me without my authorisation.
    I told them immediately that my account had been cancelled and they shouldn’t be billing me but to no avail.

    In the end I had to report them to my credit card provider, and after about a couple of months, quite a few phone calls and many letters I managed to get a refund, for I had decided to get my money back as a matter of principle.

    I do think that kind of behaviour is disgusting, for a company of that sort, I will definitely never join them again.

  2. Ruth says:

    If you get a freephone number to call to cancel then what’s the problem? My partner and I (who met on the site) found it easy to cancel. From what I remember it’s all on the my subscription page. Easy peasy.

  3. jen says:

    Just called the 24hr cancellation line only to be informed that the supervisors who deal with cancellations only work 9-5. I will be calling again at 9am tomorrow to cancel and complain about their misleading information.

  4. John Doe says:

    I am sure you are following this.
    I have read the report about who the above Ruth really turned out to be and I have read your admission/clarification as well in which you tired to put more spin into it and said it was a junior employee which her heart in the right place acting on her own behalf without official permission!
    Let me say, in the light of the News of the World…. please stop treating everyone else as a fool and give your spin doctors a vacation… just admit… you are trying to make money by using a practice that many feel aggrieved about and then your tried to manipulate and put spin on exposures…
    Stop it. Say sorry. You dont need to be pulled before a parliamentary committee and threatened with closure to do that.
    John Doe

  5. James says:

    I joined a week ago, and I am absolutely disgusted by their cancellation policy. I paid a premium (nearly £30) for a single month precisely because I wanted to trial it for one month only. To be told that I will be automatically billed again the following month unless I call them is absolutely disgraceful, bordering on being an outright scam.

    I can’t believe that there are not more complaints on this issue.

    I have used Eharmony in the past, and they most certainly did not require me to call them to cancel automated billing.

    I will be cancelling my subscription and going back to Eharmony as soon as possible. Eharmony felt altogether a more wholesome a dating site, summed up quite nicely by this particular example. Unless sitting on the telephone to call-centre operatives is your idea of fun, I would recommend giving a miss and going with Eharmony instead.

    Sincerely offended,


  6. Robin says:

    Can anyone tell me where the above freephone number appears on the site? The only number I can see is charged, meaning you now have to pay to stop paying! I can find no alternative.

  7. brian says:

    set up this for my brother 6 months ago and paid 80 something pounds didnt mind because it was suppost to be for 6 months now today i see on my paypal account that they billed me for £164 yesterday . believe me the fat cat bastard that has this set up to work this way has another thing coming i will personally find him and fucking kill him he who is nothing but a crooked corrupt fucked arse about time there was some cleansing of the scum of todays society

  8. Steve says:

    Yep, the above has happend to me too – along with who knows how many thousands of others. I was assured over the phone that there would be no autorenewal, but sure enough another 6 months has just been debited from my account. Disgusting that they think they will get away with this.

  9. NattyDee says:

    I cancelled my renewal before I suspended my account, I followed all the instructions, and they still took my money. They reckon the cancellation didn’t go through properly – which could only be because their website didn’t work. Cant I report them to trading standards?

  10. podgyhodgy says:

    i found out that although i rang them to cancel my subscription, they had continued to take money from me for a year!!! when i finally realised, i contacted them to ask for my money back and was told that because i hadn’t cancelled my subscription properly, they wouldn’t refund. after i threatened them with the OFT, i finally got the name Alexander King. i sent him a recorded delivery letter and waited a month for a reply. i then sent an email to every possible email address for match i could think of and finally got a reply. they’re refunding me the £324 by way of a cheque. his email address is!!
    hope this helps!!!

  11. Bex says:

    Can anyone help with contact details -phone, email or post – for uk. They have taken £77.94 from me without my agreement or consent and refuse to refund or explain. I’d like to report them and complain but I can’t see an easy way of locating them. It’s disgusting. They are clearly operating unlawfully and in a fraudulent manner and seem to be getting away with it.

  12. Chloe says:

    I aggree with everybody, I am a single mum with a one year old son &, after suspending my account, 3 months later I got the shock of my life when I saw they had started debuting money from my account again causing me to go over my OD limit. I was devastated & begged to speak to someone to explain my circumstances but instead I got an automated reply generated from a machine. I think the way they operate is disgusting & I think they are praying on particularly vulnerable people. They should be ashamed of themselves

  13. Luke says:

    Yep – i’ve just been had by their scam! I signed up last April for 6months and didn’t know about any automatic renewal. 6 months later the subscription renewed and I phoned them to have it cancelled. I was told I couldn’t cancel at this time as it had already renewed. I kinda took this on the chin because I thought I should have been more pro-active about cancelling, but made damn sure (or so I thought) that it would not renew for a further 6 months after that. Of course come April this year it renewed again. I actually missed that payment going out and have jusrt noticed the second payment in June that has gone out of my account. I called to express my dissatisafaction and demand a refund and they have told me they have a no refund policy – and also (this is the kicker) that according to their records I manually went into the account in April and renewed it myself!!! I can assure you I did not. And all I get from them is “I’m sorry, I only work here, these are the details I have in front of me!!”. I ask for a complaints address to write to and when I look it up they have given me a bogus postcode!! What the fuck?? are basically theifs and I amabsolutely fuming at the ineptitude of their staff and processes! Total Clowns the lot of ’em!

    If anyone knows of their [real] complaints address in London please could you post it here!


    Another unwilling Match customer!

  14. Tierra says:

    I just find out Mach keeping on charging my account for a service that I don’t even used that’s fraud ,iam going to close that account because it seems no one cannot explain why I’ve been charge .

  15. Sally says:

    I have just had money taken from my account for a 6 month subscription where I thought I had cancelled the automatic renewal. I can’t find a contact telephone number anywhere on the website and there is no option to cancel until the 3 payment instalments are made. Can anyone help? I tried the 0800 number at the top of this blog but it doesn’t work.

  16. Raj says:

    Could anyone please let me know the contact details for uk for billing?. I was using the website back in 2008 and I cancelled the membership afte a year. This year my cedit card is chaged with GBP 108 and i’m not sure why, I sent an email to the support team in UK and I get an auto response that, it is an auto renewal, but the truth it’s not as I do not have the membership active. I’m now struggling to get this money back.
    Being such a popular site, I understand their customer support is almost rubbish and it’s a shame as well. If anyone know the right contact details, please let me know.

  17. Kirsty says:

    And it is still going on. What makes it even worse is that we are all having to spend valuable time trying to cancel the subscription andnthen track down a way of contacting them just to get our money back. I can only access their site via app and having suspended my subscription, i find out that to try and cancel it, it need to reinstate it. What the hell if that all about!!!!!!!!! Tried the 24/7 line to be told is closes at 6pm…..golden!!! Don’t they understand the vast majority of their customers at all….many are on their site cause they are too busy to go out on the hunt for a perfect partner so we try it through match. So if that’s the case, what makes them think we have time trying to get a number or being able to call that number between 9 – 6…’s diabolical. After all this messing around they better refund my money!!!!!!

  18. admin says:

    I have updated the phone number that’s needed to cancel your subscription: For MATCH.COM call on 020 305 96 492 OR FOR YOU NEED TO USE THIS NUMBER: 020 305 96 493

  19. Peeved says:

    What to do:

    1. Contact your bank immediately and ask for the payment to be reversed as you did not give permission for them to take it and you believe it is fraudulent.

    2. Ensure they have actually closed your account properly. I asked them to close it on the phone and then realised I had to manually log back in to actually delete the account!

    3. Contact the Consumer Complaints part of the Office of Fair Trading (phone number on the OFT website). The more complaints made, the less likely they can keep getting away with this. Statistics matter.

    4. Write a letter to registered UK address (see in Terms and Conditions) and send a registered letter making a formal complaint and asking for a refund.

    5. Consumer complaints hotline advised that they are possibly in breach of their own contract by taking money without your permission. I’m no lawyer but if you read their site carefully they say they take an automatic renewal amount for your convenience to ensure your service is not disrupted! This is not the same as you giving your express permission to start a new contract. The terms say you are paying for a fixed term of 6 months. At the end of that fixed term, both parties must expressly agree to start a new fixed term contract. If they take the money and you continue using their service, you are implying a new contract through performance. If you cancel immediately (like I did as soon as realised money left my account!) you are merely exercising your right under the Consumer Distance Selling Regs (quoted in their own contract) to cancel a new contract within the 7 days allowed. In that case, Regs say you are entitled to a refund within 30 days. Write this in your letter to them and state you will be seeking legal advice if matter not resolved in that time.

    Fight for your consumer rights. This company is acting in bad faith at best and almost frauduently at worst (especially as the amount they took was not the same amount they took originally in my case! No other company does this without sending you a warning and a notice of debit).

  20. Laura says:

    This is outrageous and cannot be allowed to continue. I cancelled my membership around 10 months ago and have just notice they have taken 89.00 from my account without my permission.

    Thank you “peeved” above, I am going to follow your instructions in the morning and am also contacting my MP.

    Although I have had the fortune to meet my now fiance through Match that does not give them the right to just “rob” me or anyone else of their money.

  21. Raj says:

    Many thanks Peeved, let me try the suggestions provided bz yourself.

  22. deedee says:

    I have used Match on and off over the years and noticed they seem to change their policy so as to confuse the customer who may think “I cannot be bothered”.

    Dating agencies are unfortunately renowned for abusing clients as they are preying on emotions, love and matters from the heart. There should be guideline on service (bit like a hotel 5 star rating).

    With the surge of Twitter, social networking communication sites, I very much doubt this company (and beware, it has bought a number of dating sites – if you move to another dating site you may be still using the same company yet not realise it) would be keen to have their name/ brand put into disripute across public social sites. This may be an option.

    Rather, communicate with the director (scroll through previous threads to find his contact details: Alex King) infer to him you would rather not share such horrific experiences across Twitter etc but may be left with no other option. Another point to mention if you purchase services online, you have a 7 day cooling off period where service or product which has not met/ fit for service can be refunded.

    I personally think online dating sites are awful – needs to be managed better to minimise bad service, reputation, before we all loose the will to search for love online…

    Anyone fancy meeting the good old way, please do so keep that alive, things always make a comeback !!

  23. Sarah says:

    I HOPE YOU MADE IT THIS FAR….. EASY ANSWER…(POSSIBLY NEW?) PHONE NUMBER TO CALL (THAT WAS AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM) TO REVERSE CREDIT CARD CHARGES. I WAS DONE IN LIKE ONE MINUTE. I just called 1800 926 2824. The service asked me to enter my account number I pressed 2 for I dont have it. THEN it asked if I was calling about an existing account or new one. Press 1 for Existing. Then it asked if I was disputing a charge. Press 1. It asked if I payed my credit card. Press 1. It told me to enter credit card number, I did. It told me my last charge was $71 and that will be returned in 3 days. Then it asked if I wanted to cancel or stay subscribed (SO DONT HANG UP SILLY!) and I pressed 1 to cancel and close account.

  24. Andy says:

    Useful recent info – thank you!
    What a dreadful customer experience match has for raising any issues!!!
    When I set up my account two months ago I got debited twice on the same day for a three month and six month option. I saw this on my credit card statement and used match’s online help question facility. No reply. I sent a second online question as could not find a telephone number on their site, nor do their Q&As provide it. I today looked for a telephone number on the internet and found this site and a UK telephone number. The number is in fact on the website BUT you need to press on the button to suspend or cancel your account to find it; so it is well hidden.
    I was told a refund can take 21 days so complained to the call centre supervisor who explained he has no telelphone number to call head office and there is no one he can speak with to raise issues and only method of communication he has is to send an email to the technical team. This sounds like plain lies, they must have an escalation process in place and an ability to call one’s boss; being told this rubbish makes the customer experience even worse :-(.
    Supervisor agreed to send an email to head office re:my subscription issue and difficulty of finding a telephone number. Lets see what happens…
    I am also emailing the director mentioned in recent earlier emails:

  25. Mandy says:

    So although I carefully checked the website to make sure I was cancelling my membership correctly and telphoned their operator as instructed and explained very carefully I wanted to cancel, I still needed to logback in to the site to cancel?
    If this isn’t deceitful I don’t know what is !
    I have contacted my bank but they don’t seem to be having any success (no suprise there) . Perhaps it would be quicker to close my bank account ? Is this a solution or am I still liable?

  26. Steve says:

    I have tried the 1800 926 2824 telephone number and it is unobtainable. I thought it was too good to be true.

  27. Michelle says:

    I cancelled my subscription more than a month ago and have noticed that another payment has been taken again this month and my account is still active. The same question as above ,is it easier to close my bank account?? i met someone but this just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It’s such a mass scale scam, surely OFT will have to do something!! Good luck everyone.

  28. Cm says:

    Same old problem, what a scam, WHEN IS SOMETHING GOING TO BE DONE ABOUT THEM.

  29. user says:

    I’ve just been done as well, signed up to the free 3-day trial (1st dating sight I have used) I thought that I cancelled the account on the 2nd day and now I have been charged with 6 months, hacked off is not the words to describe this… I have never been caught like this from any other company – these people disgust me completely and make it really hard to find tell customer tell phone numbers.

    I don’t believe in dating sights either…. what a mess.

  30. Helen Mayo says:

    Hi – I have just had the same as everyone else. The customer service people keep telling me they will get me a call back, so far the callback from Tuesday before 5pm hasn’t happened and neither has the one from yesterday! I am absolutely livid with and cannot believe that they can do this. I noticed they were mentioned on Watchdog last year for doing this before and wonder whether to contact them again to say they haven’t stopped. As they have a major tv ad campaign going I think the bad publicity will do them good!

  31. Kaz Smith says:

    Well , I have come to join the rest of you on here, and got ripped off by, I signed up for the free trail , then decided to join on the monthly subs of 12.99 a month for 6 months….. they took the full £77.49 out of my account in full that day !
    I have searched and gone through the internet sites to see if i can find a contact number, customer sevices team or an email address….. !!! BUT to no AVAIL there is no one to contact or speak to , apart from their stupid automated questions and answers page which is RUBBISH !!!
    I have been in and cancelled my account subs and also my account but it is still there, how do I get my money back and also cancel my account from this site , which seems to be taking innocent peoples money as a major SCAM ..?????
    can anyone help me ?
    I am going to let my bank know not to authorise any more payment to this company and see what they say? hopefully they may help, if not the only way I can see about
    stopping any future payments coming out of my account / card is to cancel my card completely and get a new on re-issued !!
    Good luck to everyone who has been done by these horrid people ….Im also going to email a.king that everyone else is talking about on here and see where that gets me xx

  32. nick says:

    This is misleading at best, and down right fraudulent at worse. Just had to Google to find a number for customer services to cancel my automatic renewal subscription for MatchAffinity which was due to expire at the end of today. They remove the option at least 24-48 hrs in advance and (during this period) there is no telephone number on the website to contact customer services. Customer services told me that their telephone number is on the site when you make a payment on line and also via the online help page but I can certainly tell you it was not there on the latter. Customer services did let me cancel and deleted my account over the phone. Please note that you have to log in to delete your account but can’t do that until you have cancelled your subscription, which you can’t do until after 24 hrs of the automatic renewal. During this period you have no doubt been deemed to have used the service and so don’t qualify for a refund under the The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 as far as I can tell!! How sneaky is that?

    We trust these sites with out personal data and find them to be commercially unscrupulous. I am not on Facebook but someone should expose this scam. The word needs to get out!

  33. nick says:

    ps Contact Match Affinity customer services on: 0871 964 0095

  34. Mickey says:

    Hi everyone, I’m in the same boat as most of you.
    I’m well aware of the automatic billing and the terms and conditions of and (Now both operated by Meetic).

    Also like most of us I can’t find a phone number to call. The only way I’ve found to contact them is by using their online help form (If you can find it).
    Anyway, I cancelled the automatic billing as per the instructions on the website and thought that was going to be the end of it (now, LOL everyone). So we get to 5th October 2012 only to find that they have billed my credit card for £77.94.
    I immediately complained about this pointing out that: (a) I had cancelled the automatic billing some months ago (b) under the distance selling laws in the UK that I have a right to cancel and I want a refund!

    Their response:-
    “We are sorry that your thought the cancellation of your subscription had gone through.
    After the cancellation is made you should receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes. So if you did
    not receive this email, then the cancellation did not go through when you tried to do it.”

    The website does NOT tell you that you should get an email so this is a surprise to me. I working in I.T. and co-incidentally work with websites and data. For it to fail such as it supposedly did is VERY unlikely. The webpage refreshed, no errors delays or anything that might indicate that it had not worked. So according to them, I have no proof that I cancelled it (although I know that I did).

    Here is the fun part:
    “After looking into your account, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a refund.
    We have however turned off your automatic renewal and cancelled any further payments so you will not be charged again.
    Please accept our apologies as we realise this is perhaps not the answer you were hoping for.”

    Why can’t you refund it? I haven’t used it other than login – and as a signed up member I’m entitled to do that free of charge! No explanation as to why they can’t refund my money just “we’re not going to”

    I’ve submitted two more ‘requests’ for a resolution – both have been ignored. I don’t even get an email from them anymore saying that they have received my query!

    I’ve contacted my credit card provider. At first they said we can’t help you but I’ve applied some pressure and they are now taking it seriously (my issue has been escalated to more senior staff).
    OFT and an email to our friend Alex.

    To anyone who is loosing hope:-
    They did this to me when I was on DD approx a year ago and that time I had paid using Paypal. The Paypal dispute system works very well. I did get my money back on that occasion. Why? Because they know that they aren’t being straight with us.
    So – stay angry, keep the pressure on them and don’t let these sharks steal money from you!

    Be safe

  35. J says:

    Its been 18months been trying to get them to close my account and stop the direct debits to account i wouldt be usibg if only they would stop charging me!
    I had the 3month subscription but somehow the renewals are all 6months site never worked properly from first time used it couldnt change pictures ect. I then met my current partner and havent been able to cancel.. There has been faulse hope where thought all done only to again get charged. I had by then forgotten log in info and finding and contact emails were a nightmare though i did receieve a email in french back… But have no idea to content as dont speak french! I have been sent on wild goose chase to find out information they state is needed to cancel. Only for the date of allowed cancelation to pass because the site wouldnt allow access to that account cancel part.then the next day claims i must wait a further 6months! Its been a utter nightmare. The freephone number just given doesnt work only for a second attempt to cancel to bring up a different number which has already been mentioned on here. So i will now try that… Canceled direct debit with credit card finally approved. So watch this space.

  36. M says:

    Having just been billed unexpectedly for a 6-month renewal and seeing all of the trouble that others have had with respect to’s billing, my suggestion would be that legal proceedings need to be issued against the company to nail them. A County Court judgment against them would resolve this matter once and for all. All those interested in contributing evidence / data points please post on this site and I will aggregate and look into options for the basis of the claim. i suspect they will seek to settle so in the worst case we will all get our money back.

  37. Jane O'Keefe says:

    I am shocked to read the above. I payed through Paypal and cancelled the subscription on there as soon as I payed for a month. However, on my account details it states my account expires on the 1st November. I logged on this evening (10.30pm on 31st Oct) to leave my contact details for someone I had been chatting to and found my subscription had expired and I can’t send messages. I went to find some sort of contact details and there is no email address. The online help doesn’t cover my issue and there’s a number to ring to close your account which isn’t even open. I’m so annoyed as it’s obvious they don’t want their customers to be able to contact them. After reading this I now know why! I don’t know how they get away with it!

  38. I want to stop the the e-mails coming from know-one wants to help me.


    can someone get in touch –

  39. please can some one get in touch as I want to cacancel -I am very disappointed -urgent,and want to do this immediately.

  40. TERESA says:

    I totally empathise with the above comments.
    I cancelled the renewal option about a month after joining However low and behold ive just seen on my bank account that the money has gone out of my account wiothout any notification this month. No phone numbers or contacts on the site. Only through googling did I eventually get a number that existed. I spoke to someone who was extremely unhelpful and asked to speak to her supervisor who she said will only say exactly the same as me. No suprises, she did. we cannot give you a refund oh and there are no problems with the website. I didnt follow the instructions through properly. I asked for the name of a manager, dont have one. Can I have an email to make a complaint to or contact number? dont have one? Can I have a uk contact number? Don’t have one! The uk number I used was in Morocco. Can I have an address to make a complaint. Guess what, Dont have one!! Absolutely appalling. Can only get in touch through help section on the website, which I have submitted and waiting to hear back (probably an automated reply!) Looks like they dont have a complaints procedure either. Isn’t that illegal and fraudulent? come on, you are bloody useless and preying on the vulnerable.

  41. wendy says:

    I too cancelled online and was sure that I was no longer a member …..however, they have taken a payment from my credit card and not acknowledged my cancellation!
    Spoke with them this morning and a very ‘curt’ female told me I had not cancelled correctly – what more do I need to do, after pressing ‘cancel’ on their site??
    I have spoken to my credit card company and have requested a refund, will let you know how I get on.

  42. Barry Jones says:

    I too have been scammed by these terrible people. As others have said on here, there is no way to contact them. Surely this is illegal yes.
    Ive email them many times about this scamming automatic renewal rubbish. They just dont give a S**T! All they have is a cowardly email system. I would like to find these people and take them to court.

  43. T-bone says:

    Responding to M’s point about a County Court judgement being needed, I would be interested in pursuing this option. It’s all very well us sharing notes but there are plenty more lambs to the slaughter coming through all the time. Some kind of “class action” is needed to bring this to Court or get the OFT fired up. The loss of so much time and money to this type of parasitic business practice cannot be allowed to prevail………

  44. Kat says:

    Teresa.. I have just had exactly the same experience, Livid is not a word i would use right now.
    These people need to be stopped and i would be willing to do what it takes in order for that to happen.

  45. Ladina says:

    Yep… same story here. I clicked the “cancellation” on the website, three or four days prior to my subscription end/renewal date. I didn’t receive a confirmation email, not was I told I would. I was charged for another three month term on my Paypal account on 11/25/12 & on 11/26/12 (when I got to work & saw my email from Paypal) I immediately called match to tell them I’d already cancelled & they shouldn’t have billed my Paypal account. They said I never cancelled & they wouldn’t be able to refund my money (for a three month subscription), even though I called ONE day after they took my money & cancelled days prior! I’m contacting Paypal to dispute the transaction… we shall see. This means WAR match!

  46. Jo says:

    I have just been reading all these comments. I just spoke to a girl in a foreign country on the phone who was getting rude and raising her voice. When I asked her if I could speak to her supervisor or manager, she said there is no such person there. They have been billing me for and extra 7 months now. I have not even been using the site. Her answer was that I have not done the cancellation properly, although I did it twice!! And that I should have had an email to confirm the cancellation and make a call. What? Where does it tell you to do this? She said she will cancel it straight away but I will get no refund because they do not have a refund policy. I have been on Match before and did not have problems like this. I will see if I can get my money back!

  47. Alyso Blanchard says:

    I have had exactly the same experience. I tried to unsubscribe twice, was told each time that I had been successful. On Saturday I got an email through PayPal stating that I had made a payment to I went mad, just couldn’t believe it. Again, I was to,d by customer service that it was my fault etc., Nd there would be no refund. They are money robbing scoundrels. I don’t understand how they can get away with this. I’ve emailed watchdog, but it looks like they’ve already been featured. It is disgusting.

  48. I found a phone no. but haven’t tried it yet as it’s after 5 PM. The no. is :
    1-800-926-2824. (that’s in the USA)

    I’m a female and the guys seem to only want women about 20 yrs. younger than they are. I don’t want to be some old guy’s care taker and sex slave. I was a model almost 20 yrs. ago . . . now NO ONE is interested in me. Their loss. (No I haven’t gotten fat nor wrinkley) Some of these other sites seem to send me multitudes of guys interested in me but oddly they ALL have different first names. sends me guys in Alaska when I live in Ca. I asked for 15 miles away.

  49. Samantha McCarthy says:


    I have come across the same problem. I went into my account settings and cancelled my subscription so it wouldn’t renew but received no confirmation. Just the knowledge that I had clicked the right button! However, I phoned them and got through to somebody who said they had no record of my cancellation. I haven’t used the service for the last 2 months and can’t believe I now have another 3 months to put up with it. I now have a confirmation email saying it is cancelled so they better not try and take any further payments!

    For anyone else – make sure you cancel by telephone and also cancel with your bank

  50. jackie says:

    December 2012
    Like everyone on here i have the same problem with They upgraded me to a 6 month subscription(even though i had cancelled my one month subscription). I rang my bank straight away and disputed it and the money was put back in by the bank and a note put on my account so that if they remove any more money the bank would put it back in. Oh and my bank told me they are looking into the activities themselves as they get loads of complaints about them. remove money out of my bank every time i go on my profile and try to delete my account!!!!!! I have rang them twice now and both times got two different patronising gentlemen who tell me it is me who keeps clicking the update button, I AM NOT THAT THICK. I kicked of big style and they refunded money and the last time said they would hide my profile so no one would be able find me(i was too scared to go on and try and delete myself as i knew they would remove money again), but to my disgust i am still getting messages of men on the site so my profile is available. I have email saying my subscription has been cancelled and I have not been on for 3 weeks since i spoke to them but I have just gone into my bank account to find that they have taken two amounts of money of me on the same day so i rang my bank and they said it would be put straight back in. I now have to check my bank account everyday to make sure they don’t remove any more money from my account and if they have i can get it put straight back in. are a disgrace and i will be ringing them to complain big style so i will keep you informed. Your bank will put the money back in, just say your disputing payment, mine always gets put back. I will keep you informed!!!!

  51. jackie says:

    update:-just emailed and guess what? yep, it bounced back saying undeliverable!!!!

  52. Moki says:

    I just wanted to say thank you! I got my money back thanks to you, as you’ve uncovered the mystery of their phone numbers.
    Thanks again.

  53. Helen Cooper says:

    Hi, I cancelled my subscription to this site in December but they had already taken my money for the month and told me my membership would continue until the next payment date in January, and then my cancellation would kick in.
    So, it is January and when I look to see my account status I see that they are taking the next month’s money from my account. The problem is that there is no direct debit set up and they just appear to take money out of my account. I made the initial cancellation in early December by phoning them so don’t assume that a phone call will do the trick – it hasn’t for me. I intend to phone them tomorrow as their office is closed now.

  54. I sent them a photo and nothing happens. I will give them my credit card if I can hear from them
    thank you

  55. I can not get on line and I paid my money! What can I do?

  56. Sharon says:

    I’ve just called this number and even though I turned ‘auto renew’ off (which is what they tell you to do) I’ve been automatically charged again. The woman told me to contact iTunes because I used the app not the site and hung up on me. Great service. This is the second time this has happened to me, first time being a few years back. I’m glad they were on Watchdog, but it’s obviously not made any difference.

  57. Sue McCollum says:

    Suprise suprise the phone numbers you have given are now dead. Want to cancel but says my password is incorrect although they emailed me a reminder just 15 minutes ago. What can I do now?

  58. .mary sullivan says:

    Please cancel my membership. My daughter enma sullivan has been billed. We only subscribed for a month. Ive blacklisted sirkeeper he has sent me some didpicable message and wanting to send pictures of his anatomy he is a pervert andi think should be removed. Messages on my phone have been saved from him.

  59. edward says:

    i desperately need help to cancel my account and subscriptions . Please advise

  60. Rob says:

    Hi everyone,
    If you cancel your VISA card because of an Internet fraud and report it to your Bank, I am sure will not be able to get your money from your account any more. Make sure you are provided a new VISA card number. Kind regards, Rob

  61. Rob says:

    Before you suspend or delete your Match account I strongly recommend you:
    – to delete your pictures and personal data
    – to change your location and date of birth
    – to disable all your email alerts (my account settings).

    Even if you suspend your profile, it will be online for months!!!!!!

    Cheers, Rob

  62. Niall says:

    Deleted my account 3 days before the renewal date prior to going on holiday.

    I then find out that they have taken another payment so I email their customer centre.
    The reply tells me how I should have cancelled my subscription and deleted my account and quotes several lines from their terms and conditions even telling me how to delete my account which I actually did and that after 24 hours prior to renewal it is too late which did not apply and they then say that I can not get a refund.
    Absolutely raging with this!

    They will have to listen to me on the phone in the morning, even with their premium rate numbers!!

  63. Steve says:

    I too am having similar issues with my membership.

    The information below should help you tract them down should they change their details.

    For example the “Dating Direct Afinity” company office is registered as being at the following UK address. However this may well be only a postal address. International Limited
    WC2H 7LT

    However “” comes under the “Meetic Group”, which then in turn is a brand of “IAC”.
    Head Office
    66 route de la Reine
    IAC HQ
    555 West 18th Street
    New York, NY 10011

    Communications Office

    Prominent names associated with are Philipee Chainieux, DOB Dec 1972 and Sylvie Fleury, DOB May 1965 @ Meetic-Corp FRANCE and Gregory Blatt @ IAC USA.

    Look up their details on Internet sites such as google, facebook, twitter and linkedlin.

    One of IAC brand names is “”, so I asked Jeeves for the contact details for “Dating Direct Afinity”
    and surprise surprise, would you beleive it, he did not answer!!!

  64. Katharine Knight says: have taken money out of my account without my permission for a further 6 month subscription – how can I get this money back please? I only signed up and paid for a 6 month subscription and nothing more yet they have taken out automatically for another six months.

  65. Jim says:

    The ‘phone numbers play music then hang up..somebody playing games?

  66. Jim says:

    Get onto your credit card issuer and raise an ‘unauthrorised debit / fraud’ ticket. All CC issuers have a ‘chargeback’ process for recovering from retailers who take unauthorised payments..takes a while but often worth the wait.

  67. Jim says:

    I got my account closed within 10 mins…changed my profile to a pic of the late Uncle Osama and re-wrote the personal message (in Arabic via BableFish) calling for a strong woman to join me in the crusade for truth! Got a very S*itty personal reply within mins telling me I was a very naughty boy and my account was terminated for breech of T&C’s. There are already 2 chargeback requests in with VISA on this account. I wonder where this will go?

  68. Donna says:

    I’ve also had the same problem. Rang to cancel, told it was too late and referred to the terms and conditions. Granted, there is a 48hr clause in there however there is no mention of this on the account page on the app. Sent a letter today and had a long reply within 10 minutes. A standard reply by any chance? Just goes to show how often they respond to this issue. It’s morally so wrong and really frustrating.

  69. Joy says:

    I had signed up to a 6 month subscription and after one month met my current partner (in person not from match) so cancelled the automatic subscription and never logged on again. Only to find out I’ve just been billed £75 automatic renewal for another 6 months!! This came completely out the blue, there was no email to say it was going to happen or else I’d have rung up if I thought my cancellation hadn’t gone through 5 months previously. I sent various emails and got a response from a different person each time, basically ignoring everything I said and just quoted their automatic subscription policy. Their last email said they would not respond to any more emails from me regarding this. They also refused to pass on the contact details for any managment within and refused to give me details about how to lodge a complaint! It’s outrageous how they carry on!

  70. Tim says:

    I’ve been a user of on and off for the last 15 years. I’ve cancelled my subscription on numerous occasions and not once have I had a payment taken that I did not agree too.

    Maybe I’ve not been left out of pocket because I always read the small print whenever I enter my credit card details both online and offline. Could the T&Cs be larger? Of course they could, but they are no smaller or more difficult to find than the T&Cs you agree to when taking out a Sky subscription, mobile subscription or any other form of subscription.

    And if you try to cancel your Sky subscription on the last day of your contract, you’ll find that you are 31 days too late. Unlike where you are only required to give a reasonable 48 hours notice to cancel repeat payments.

    If you have given notice of your desire to cancel, received confirmation, and still been charged, then that’s definitely fraud and are there to help you.

    Of all the dating sites in the UK, is actually one of the most reputable sites. I’m not going to give names here, but there are hundreds of dating sites in the UK that are effectively just credit-card fishing scams.

    My top 3 dating sites when I’m looking to meet someone online are:


    I’ve used all three sites extensively and I’ve never once been scammed by either the site operators or other members.

    I’m of to a wedding this coming weekend of a couple who met on I’m pretty sure they don’t have any regrets about joining.


  71. Dan says:

    I was sure I cancelled (and was scathing about the website whilst making my comments on cancellling ) whilst on a special one month offer of £14 and cancelled in good time well before the deadline, and yes surprise just discovered that I have in fact not cancelled my subscription and been charged £81, any advice anyone please?

  72. Shaun says:

    I took a trail 1 month subscription for Match Affinity costing £14 to try it out. Unfortunately I paid on line and 1 month later they charged me for a 3 month subscription of £89 – I managed to get the contact telephone number from this site and called them – the charge was taken the day before the subscription was to change – I am unemployed at the moment and can hardly afford this which I told them but they were having none of it and said the charge could not be cancelled neither could the profile – the service is terrible as there was no budging on their part. They transferred my profile to as a consultation to try that site out. I do not want any of it I just want my money back – I also asked to speak to Alexander King and was told he does not work there anymore!

  73. Kathy says:

    I just rang the above number and cancelled my subscription straight away with no issues. I got an email confirming my cancellation so fingers crossed I have no further issues. If people are stuck, maybe you could just replace the card the payment is being taken from to stop it from going out to begin with, just a thought though obviously not much help if its already been taken!

  74. Yulanda Kuzminski says:

    Fraud has always been a problem, but now that the Internet is more popular, fraud seems to have found a new home. People use to have to worry about phone calls from scammers, and perhaps the unethical contractor, but today’s big worries come from the things that can show up online in a person’s email inbox. Those phone scammers are still around, but most of these types have turned to the Internet to find victims. Apparently, there are a lot of people out there that are easily taken by Internet fraud, and you don’t want to be one of them.,.:*

    My current web page

  75. Frustrated says:

    This has just happened to me, despite the fact that I thought I had cancelled my subscription. I have been told that they will not refund me as it is my fault for not cancelling. No flexibility, not discussion just a simple this is the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it. I was also not allowed to speak to a manager.

    It is obviously a volume based business as they don’t care about public perceptions. I have cancelled my subscription because I met someone on Instead of me being a good ambassador for the organisation and prompting it to others I will now be telling people not to subscribe. I will also not subscribe to them if I even need this service again in the future.

    I would hope the government would implement legislation to prevent companies profiting from peoples forgetfulness, especially when companies make it so difficult for you to opt out of the automatic renewal.

  76. Luke says:

    I got through after a 5 min hold and asked them to cancel part of my subscription as I had pressed the wrong button ( they did the usual of including stuff for extra money on the BIG green button, leaving a tiny tick box below to uncheck for what I had actually asked for) the guy was very helpful and said he would cancel it and said I should call back on next subscription pay date to check it had gone through. I will call a few days before then so they cannot diddle me! My advice though is just phone up your card company and tell them not make payment. They will do that no problem.
    I think the problem is these companies think many people are too embarrassed about ‘online dating’ to call there bank etc to cancel.

    Not this man and you shouldn’t be either!

  77. emma says:

    I broke up with my bf in April and needed something to keep my mind off him so I signed up to the 3 days trail as promoted by them on Saturday 18th May. It stated you can cancel your subscription within 3 days by cancelling the automatic renewal and I will NOT be charged.

    I did that within 3 days on 20th May but this was not the case. I sent them email to match to confirm my subscription was indeed terminated after cancelling the automatic renewal. Unfortunately that email was return to me as ‘delivery failed to these recipients’.

    I called, spoke with K based in Morocco who advised, I have indeed signed up to the 3 free trial but was redirected to a full 6 months subscription. I followed their site as I thought it had the integrity not mislead customers. I have now found out, this is not true. K advised he couldn’t do anything about it and there no supervisors to deal with my queries.
    Same day, i contacted my credit card company who will investigate. I have inform them this is fraudulent as I was misled into believing I had free trail and then charged.

    Terms and conditions, it states if the automatic renewal is cancelled, they will not be charged. I did just that.

    I call again, spoke with a patronising agent called T, before even listening to my complaint, he said “I was next to K on friday, let me be honest with you; there will be no refund from us”.
    I found their site to be useless, uninviting and completely confusing.
    I thought a paid site would be more professional but found the complete opposite.

    Please advise me as to what to do, so desperate now.


  78. Jen says:

    Similar is happening to me now. I cancelled my first Match subscription well before the automatic renewal date because I had been warned about it. I was charged anyway, and have just been charged again. Not knowing I had anything to worry about I didn’t even notice they had taken the first payment until I spotted the recent one and checked back. Match are saying they have no record of my cancellation despite the fact I received email confirmation and are refusing to refund. They have said I could have spoken to or emailed an adviser any time as well as using the customer care contact thing on the website yet I cannot find phone numbers or email addresses anywhere on their site and now they appear to have also blocked the customer care thing on my account as I can’t submit anything via that now! I’m so angry and frustrated! £150 is a lot of money to lose for absolutely nothing. I have seen on Money Saving Expert forums that people have been given refunds in similar situations as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ so I am loath to give up. I hope everyone else managed to get sorted, would appreciate any success stories and helpful tips. Thanks.

  79. Claudia says:

    I used the site for a while BUT canceled the automatic renewal in Dec/12. I have the email proving the cancellation. Unfortunately the site started charging me AGAIN, without my consent , I just realized they have been charging 30.97 monthly since last 22/April. I rarely check my statement, and am now disappointed to find out this fraud. I live in UK but the address from the fraudulent billing is “ – FRANCE – Boulogne”. They do everything in their power to not show their telephone number on Google. I finally found this number 02030596492 and phoned them this Saturday. The operator said she could see my cancellation (which is a relief to me) BUT she could not acknowledge the subsequent fraudulent charges in my card. She promised someone will call me back on Monday. It is a real shame how these people use us.

  80. Miriam says:

    I applied for subscription (A fixed amount) on 26th January 2013., who when you start up with them set up a billing agreement do not tell you that in it they can take out a varied amount at any time during the 6 month period. They then took out £54.56 in the first instance, In the contract they state;
    ” The renewal shall be performed in accordance with the manner of payment originally chosen by the member, at the price rate of the subscription to which the member originally subscribed!” On the 24th July 2013 they withdrew £77.94 breaching their own terms of agreement. is a CON! TERRIBLE connection service. SLOW band-width. NO real genuine matches sent. You ask for one profile, Match.con…. send you the opposite, NO customer service, NO consumer. NO satisfaction….Out of the sites I have been on, Match.con is just a money spinning scam!!!!!

  81. Gail says:

    I’m so sad and worried, I only want to find a honest genuine partner and being completely fed up with free dating sites like POF and Badoo, decided to go on a paying site to meet like minded gentlemen.
    Match.con is a complete rip off, i received about 50 *winks* at least a day from non subscribing men who cant actually contact you due to restrictions (if they are actually genuine at all) and I send out numerous messages and never get any replies, nor do I receive any actual messages sent straight from gentlemen. Now Im an attractive woman and have no problems receiving messages from guys from free sites, just the wrong types of guys…but now completely convinced match.con is completely fake in everything they say and show…the daily 6 matches they send are completely different from the men im interested in, all just a waste of time and money. its disgusting that they are taking money off of vulnerable people trying to find love and contentment in life…im phoning to cancel my subscription today…and im going to change my bank details with my bank, all this hassle just because of a fake money grabbing dating site I thought i could trust….

  82. Hodgkins says:

    I have subscribed to your site and then cancelled my subscription. Yet, you keep on sending me adverts. which I have not sought. Pl. pl respect the fact that I do not wish to hear from you again. hence the cancellation.

  83. I have a similar story to everyone else. signed up for 6 months. Didn’t really use sight and forgot about it. found myself auto renewed. Contacted them foolishly thinking they would refund as I have not used the sight for months and they said no.
    I have had a look online and I am surprised by all these stories. If I had known, I would not have registered in the first place.
    Can we not start a facebook page to put these comments on so we can keep it in the public domain??

  84. Claire says:

    I joined Match in February for 6 months but cancelled my auto renewal via the site on March 12. This was well before the automatic renewal date because I met someone. I did not expect £77.94 to be taken out today (5 months down the line) when I had already cancelled. I phoned up the cancellation line and was told that I had not suspended my auto renewal. Now I know that I did because I even made a note of the date that I cancelled!! The strange thing was I didn’t get an email confirming this so because of that I cannot get a refund. I think Match are defrauding people by giving them peace of mind with the ‘auto renewal’ cancellation button. This makes them think that they have cancelled then a few months down the line they take money from the account and you have nothing to prove that you cancelled. THe guy I spoke to wouldn’t give me head office number and told me to search on the site. It was not easy! I have now contacted my bank to see if they can get my money back as it is an unauthorised transaction. I’ll never use Match again and will be telling all my friends not to as well.

  85. Susan B says:

    There is obviously a scam running here as I decided to unsubscribe many months before the next renewal and followed all the procedures and as far as I am aware had cancelled. I then find several months later they have taken another 6 month subscription from my account.There is no telephone number on the site and after emailing them they said they don’t do refunds and I obviously did not follow their procedures. If they had also looked at my account I had not opened it for months and they never emailed me any links from it. It seems they make people believe they have cancelled and are trying to get round some legal loophole by saying if we did not get an email saying it was cancelled it wasn’t this is despite onscreen it says your subscription is cancelled.

  86. Nam_jc says:

    Hi, I need help from you guys. I want subscription to uk, but I don’t have any credit card or Paypal. Can I get some recive and pay it from the bank, is it would be possible to pay cash from in bank like go to pay bills. Because I have try manytime but I still don’t know how to do. Hope someone will can help me.

  87. Steve says:

    Can’t we just cancel the direct debit?

  88. mick says:

    I have a friend who is a victim and he is too embarassed to say anything and come forward to say that match dot com is corrupt. Well I will be his voice. He has had over 700 views to his profile and not one woman has sent him a message. He is a very attractive guy and he is extremely rich and educated and intelligent. It is not the money he paid out to this site he is upset about. It is the time and effort and the false and bogus profiles that have viewed his profile but fall short on contacting him. So I am telling you is a scam and you need to beaware of this false hope. Don’t waste your time and money.

  89. Rose says:

    I have had a profile on Match…ending today hopefully. I found almost all of the men contacting me to be far older than my preferred range and…sorry to say this—quite ‘basic’, fat, bald and ugly. There were very few men ANYWHERE on Match that an attractive educated woman would go for.

    In addition one man thought that mine was a fake profile anyway…so suggesting that there probably are fakes on there.

    My view is that sticking to conventional ways of meeting people by actually having a life is the best option!

  90. Al says:

    I paid for a month here and tried to cancel the renewal immediately. I was told to wait 3 days, so 3 days later I went through the process confirming cancellation multiple times, re-entering account log-in details and re-confirming cancellation again.

    1 month later a payment for £44.95 was taken from my account. I went through the cancellation process yet again and phoned up. They said there was no record of my cancellations. It seems the cancellation process is nothing but a visual pretence and the only way to cancel is via telephone.

    I contacted my bank, and they say the unauthorised payment will be refunded.

  91. Julie says:

    Am shocked to see how common this is. I signed up to MatchAffAffinity two years ago, when I noticed it auto-renew last year, I called them and told them I didn’t want to continue. They said it was not possible to cancel once a payment had been taken, and they continued to take another two payments of £59.60. I was left understanding that I had cancelled though, so imagine my shock at seeing another payment of £59.60 come out this year, with two more payment to come out, which I cannot stop. It is not a direct debit and when I emailed to complain, they said cancellation is only possible leading up to the first payment being taken, and after the third payment is taken. What a rip off!
    What to do? I pay by debit card, so maybe I am not protected as I would be with credit card.

  92. wendy says:

    Same as everyone else just been re billed £77.96 which I couldnt afford and didn’t want by auto billing. They refuse to give any sort of refund. I dont want to subscribe again for another 6months. I have cancelled with my credit card. They will not gwt anymore money from me. I thought they were a genuine company. No notice or warning just took the money. Amazing tbey send you emails for.wvwrything else but nit that your subscription is coming to an end!!! Rip offs

  93. Andy says:

    I hate to continue the bad news, but I too have been bitten by the same issue. Signed up with a ‘bargain’ years deal to Not realising the automatic renewal, have now been charged a staggering £154.18 for another years membership. That I don’t need or want. Called the number and the lady was polite but completely unhelpful. Unformed me that no refund is possible, even if I deleted my account. Contacted NatWest to report fraud, only to find out that if you’ve authorised one payment, it seems that they now have a key to your bank account, and technically no longer fraud. What annoys me is the unknown amount they can take, without ANY notice what so ever. Furious is doesn’t quite match my current feelings. I’ve been informed to contact the ‘Retail Dispute’ department of NatWest to persue this further. Which I will do but I’m not holding my breath. I will be doing my utmost to spread the word of these corrupt, fraudulent companies.

  94. Paul says:

    BE WARNED – these companies are a scam. They set up the payment, and by accepting the terms, you are agreeing to an authorised renewal, meaning you have no argument if you do not cancel in time. They do not provide email, telephone or mailing addresses (this alone rings alarm bells) and they clearly have a “who cares if we don’t win you back after you leave … We’ll just get new customers” attitude. They will clearly continue with this attitude until, people are made aware of what a terrible company this is.

    If you have not fallen for this scam yet – DO NOT USE or

  95. Anne says:

    Just been scammed by match as well. I had cancelled my automatic renewal in plenty of time however I then accepted a free upgrade and was not aware this seemly allowed them to then take a further membership renewal. I phone customer service and was only quoted ts and cs!
    I phoned my bank who can now stop any further requests for money however can’t help me get my money back. So guys call your bank and stop match having access to your account.
    After many years my advice DON’T USE MATCH THEY ARE SCAMS

  96. Millie says:

    £300 Debited from my account!! How can they do this….!! I don’t use my credit card so clearly didn’t notice them taking the money out. I used match for 3 weeks and that is all.

    Called them and ‘sorry there is nothing we can do’.

    How can they rob people so blindly.

    And there is nothing i can do… :(

  97. Carol says:

    Yet another person here stung by The first time I used them years ago I had this happen, I was still single so it didn’t hurt as much. This time though I had cancelled the automatic subscription online which was a new feature which is why I remember doing it. So I wasn’t paying attention to when it ended as knew I had cancelled it anyway. So then I get an email saying that it has automatically renewed!! I call them and apparently that cancellation didn’t go through as I did not receive email confirmation from them to say it had. I don’t remember what the website said but I must have thought it had gone through. I wonder if it says in small print that you must receive email confirmation for this to happen hoping you won’t see it and check and then it doesn’t go through. So if you do cancel online, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE EMAIL!!! I’m not out £77, I paid through paypal and have opened a claim with them, fingers crossed but not hopeful.

  98. Carol says:

    Further to my previous message paypal have already reviewed the case. They have refunded me the money and cancelled the agreement with Match so in theory they can’t take it again. Yay!!!

  99. Linda says:

    I decided to take up a reduced rate subscription after I had suspended my account for 10 months – got fed up with all the time wasters. I hit the 3 months button and site confirmed that payment had been taken. I was given no option to specify a bank account or paypal. I couldnt remember which account I used when I previously took a subscription over 1 year ago and had no idea whether there was any money in the account they debited and whether I would incur an overdraft penalty. I spoke to someone in Morrocco who gave me the last 4 numbers of the account they used (not happy that they had retained my bank details for so long) so I then had to go through the process of transferring money into that account to cover the payment. Despite 5 emails through the site complaining that I wasnt given the option to nominate an account or approve payment I keep getting the same scripted response that when I take out a new subscription I can input details of my bank account. I CANT but am getting nowhere thanks to communication issues and scripted responses.

  100. Linda says:

    Further to my earlier post, a bit of research came up with the name of the Financial Director as Kenneth McCallum from Glasgow. He has a FB page (not on the first 7 searches you need to hit “other results” and then it comes up with him and his directorships) You dont need to be a “friend” – for 64p you can send a private message!

  101. Alison says: charged me even though I cancelled my automatic subscription, cancelled at bank but refusing to delete my account until I pay 3 months worth of payments anything I can do?

  102. Hi

    I gave a try to with a 1 EUR subscription trial and although I cancelled their automatic renewal following their procedures and receiving a message from the web site that the subscription was cancelled… guess what… they didn’t actually cancel the subscription.

    Shame on them.


  103. Richard says:

    I had a similar problem with I cancelled online 5 days before my subscription ended, and it said cancelled on the website. Then 5 days after cancelling, PayPal sends me an e-mail saying have taken £77 for a 6 month subscription.

    I phone up using the phone number on their website, and had to deal with people in India rather than the UK. I spoke to some guy, who was rude, and a BALD FACE LIAR. I asked to speak to someone else, told everyone was on the phone, I said I wanted to escalate and said there was no one to escalate to, I said I wanted to speak to someone else, he said every one was speaking to other customers (I could hear him speaking to another colleague while talking to me), so I said I wanted to speak to any one not on the phone, he said that was not possible as everyone was on the phone. I replied back saying then put me through to a cleaner, someone whose job it is not to answer telephones. Again, he said everyone was on the telephone. I asked, even the cleaners? He just said everyone is on the telephone.

    I logged a dispute with PayPal as a fraudulent activity, and within 12 hours, PayPal responded back to me to and gave me a full refund. I still need to check my account to see if the refund has posted to my bank account.

    If you’re in the UK, pay on a creditcard for anything online – it offers you more protection for fraudulant websites like Or even use a PrePaid debitcard, with just enough funds for your needs – that way if recurring billing occurs, the transaction will not go through and don’t have to stress about this.

    From now on, I will be using a prepaid debitcard for my PayPal, eBay, online shopping transactions – much more safer. DO NOT GIVE PAYPAL YOUR BANK DETAILS.

  104. marcus harrington says:

    I too am a victim of’s automatic renewals. Sadly for me, they’ve been going on a while and I hadn’t noticed. They send no email or receipt when they take your money. There are THOUSANDS of complaints all over the internet and I can’t believe no-one’s pulled off a ‘class action’ against this company!

    I’ve found a few posts from people saying they successfully received their money back from when they filed a Money Claim in the online small claims court. This is free for victims in the UK and it’s easy to do online:

    In each case, repaid the complainants in full.

    I suggest EVERYONE does this.

    A lawyer really should do a bit of research on this lot, as I believe they’ll be breaching EU regulations for ‘distance selling’, and don’t even provide an email or receipt when they take money from your account!

    I imagine their attempt at ‘under the radar’ subscription-renewals is a significant amount of this company’s income.

  105. Nigel Ward says:

    I cancelled after 2 days membership as at least 50% of the people that they recommended I meet were not actual subscribers. It appears that the people who were not subscribers would have to pay to read my message!

    I wrote to match, and stated that I would be willing to take legal action against them under the Sale of Goods Act unless they would cancel my subscription and refund my money.

    I had no reply, but my profile was removed by match immediately…and I have received no refund, although I have blocked the direct debit.

    I will give it 48 hours, then start legal action through my credit card company, who are fully geared up for fraud.


  106. I cancelled my membership 3 months ago only to discover today that match has just taken £25 from my account. Can’t get into the website as it doesn’t recognise my email- what a scam!!!

  107. Rieann says:

    I cancelled my repeat billing and received confirmation, yet they still managed to collect another payment. This is fraud and contravenes regulation 55 of the Payment Services Regulations 2009. I have emailed them numerous times but nobody can write an original email; every paragraph, relevant or not, is copied and pasted. My credit card provider is reclaiming the money for me. Avoid Dating Direct/Match at all costs.

  108. Gary says:

    I’ve just had a similar experience with in the UK.
    I subscribed for 6 months on 27th September 2013 at 21:10pm.

    here’s the content from the confirmation email
    “Just to let you know that your payment no. BBT_HD_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXX on 2013/09/27 21:10:12 for a 6 month subscription has been added successfully to your account.

    Please look for important information regarding your subscription including the date of your automatic renewal on your My Account page.

    When the initial period of your 6 month subscription expires, your subscription will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods (1, 3 or 6 months) in accordance with the terms of your subscription.

    You can cancel the automatic renewal by following the instructions given on your My account page.

    Notification of your wish to cancel must be made no later than 48 hours before your next subscription payment is due.

    Get in there and find your perfect match! ”

    I then upgraded my subscription to connect & select on 9th Jan 2014, paying until the end of my current subscription period.

    My account clearly indicated I had a renewal payment due on 27th March 2014.

    On the 30 Jan 2014 I followed the instructions on the website to cancel the automatic renewal.

    Here’s the content of the confirmation email:-

    ” This email is to confirm that the automatic renewal of your subscription has been cancelled as requested.

    Of course, you will continue to have access to all of the services you have selected until your existing subscription expires.”

    My subscription was due to expire on 27th March 2014 – presumably at midnight at the start of the day, the end of the day, or at the time I started my subscription 21:10pm, or possibly at some random point during the day.

    I checked my account immediately and also on the 26th March – it clearly stated that no payments were scheduled.

    I checked my account on 27th March – again clearly stated that no payments were scheduled.

    I wasn’t sure whether my account was still active or not, so I checked my email messages, and (as they were online) replied to a recent message explaining my subscription expired today, and that at some point during the day I’d not be able to respond any more.

    Sent the message, and then went back to my account page.

    All of a sudden a payment was now being processed for the connect and select upgrade for 6 months even though my main subscription was still flagged as expiring soon.

    I called Match customer care, and was told that I must have made a mistake and reactivated my auto-renewal, and that in any case they wouldn’t do anything to stop the payment as I’d used the service (even though it didn’t appear to have expired at that point).

    (1) I didn’t reactivate the auto-renewal.
    (2) As far as I could tell my subscription was still active and I was entitled to use the service until my subscription ended (when I’ve ended the subscription in the past it has stopped later in the day – possibly coinciding with the time I’d subscribed 6 months earlier).
    (3) The customer care representative has clearly been instructed not to process any refunds – he was insistent that I had renewed somehow and there was not a defect on the website.

    I had to call my bank and log a disputed debit from my account, and block all debits from “MATCH MEETIC”. The payment hadn’t gone through, so I’ll find out in a few days whether or not this process works.

    I had to provide the date I cancelled the auto-renewal to the bank – without the exact date they wouldn’t block the payment. Fortunately I had kept the auto-renew cancel email from Match.

    I think the way this was handled by Match was disgraceful, and I’m wondering now whether they will maliciously cause me problems with my credit rating for non-payment………

    I would avoid using this website – I did manage to find a partner via the site, but it seems Match will use very devious techniques to continue charging you significant sums of money for the service that you have cancelled.

    I’d be very interested if anyone else has had a similar experience.

  109. Pat says:

    MATCH SUCKS: Here are the names of the insufferable scammers for you:

    From Forbes/ TECH (12/19/2013) @ 11:37AM

    IAC Eliminates CEO Job In Reorg; Blatt Will Head Up Match Group

    “In the new structure, Greg Blatt, IAC’s CEO since 2010, will step down a level to become chairman of the Match Group, a new unit formed around a nucleus of IAC’s dating businesses, which include, and OK Cupid, among others. Rolled into the group will be several emerging business that share some affinities with the dating sites:, DailyBurn and IAC’s investment in Skyllzone.

    Sam Yagan, currently CEO of Match, will retain that title at the Match Group and continue to report to Blatt, who ran the dating unit before his 2010 promotion to CEO. Meanwhile, Search & Applications CEO Joey Levin and Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor will resume reporting directly to Diller. Blatt’s CEO position is being eliminated.”

  110. carlo says:

    I got ripped off on match .com. I had cancelled the renewal option .And they chose to charge me anyways. They had the nerve to say I didn’t do it right. Im aware of their practices as its the 2nd time its happened. The first time I was unaware and didn’t cancel the renewal. So good for them! they managed to squeak an extra 70 dollars from the small guy and not care at all about having a heart and giving a sincere heartfelt apology and refund back. They even charge me the full amount no discount no special offer to a loyal customer. I told them why not give me a promo or put me on hold as I don’t need it this way you still keep my money ! They are scammers, they don’t care, I tried 2 supervisors . They seem so robotic. I told each one im frustrated and I finally eneded up using some 4 letter bombs as I can see I wouldn’t get my money anyways. They had the nerve to say watch my mouth? I said Im frustrated and feel cheated and feel taken advantage of? You want me to say thank you? I love you, I love match, and I am an idiot and its all my fault? Then I said put yourself in my position…how wonderful and kind and respectful would you be? He couldn’t answer! MATCH.COM FRAUD TACTICS – LOSE YOUR CREDIT CARD GET A NEW ONE, THIS WAY THEY CANT STEAL FROM YOU AGAIUN. ITS WHAT I DID!

  111. Caroline says:

    I subscribed to for only 6 months… when I saw some fees after the 6 months … I asked for a refund but they refused… here is the last emails I sent them

    ———– After several emails disputing for a refund here is my last email —————-

    The only reason I opened and used my account this weekend after several month of no use… is because I saw in my bank receipt that you guys charged me and I was very surprised of that… so I logged in to see where did you take my visa and where did you guy decided that I wanteda renewal… I was surprised since I had no intention at all to use your services anymore.

    I called, but you guys were closed on weekend. so I logged in to my account and send you this ticket… since I was logged in I reply to some emails… SINCE I DIDNT know about this ticky rules of MAtch… otherwise I would have never send this email… I hasd no intention to use the website.

    I completely disgree with the charge you guys did! I dont need and want to use your services anymore and never wished to renew it.

    AGAIN I AM ASKING TO GET A REFUND, just delete or cancel my profile I do not need it. you guys has stolen money… I can see your are replying to my emails with polite answers.

    But you guys have tricked me!

    I ASK FOR A FULL REFUND… it is that easy I dont want your product the product that you charged, just refund it.

    note that I am opened a ‘Fraud charge ‘ with my bank related to that fees… it is not for the amount, it is just for the principle of it… you dont want to pay me… then pay your layers but you cant keep steeling peoples money like this!

    ——————- Their reponse —————-

    Dear Caroline,

    Since you subscription was used to send emails to other members, your account is not eligible for a refund.

    The automatic renewal policy is agreed upon at the time of purchase, per section 12 b of the Terms of Use. For reference, our Terms of Use can be accessed at the following link:

    If there is anything outside of a refund, I will be happy to assist.

    Warm regards,

    Alex F.

  112. Sue says:

    Upon cancelling my subscription with, I was sent an email confirming this, however to my annoyance a further payment was taken, I had to resort to cancelling any further transactions with bank, however I did ring and was re-embursed my money…result!!!!

  113. Jennifer says:

    I can’t find a valid number to Can somebody help me? Thank you

  114. Yvonne says:

    I’ve had the same problem trying to cancel a subscription and they keep taking money each month. In the end I called my bank too and they are going to refund me 2 monthly payments that were taken from my account after I cancelled the subscription. The bank advised me to call to inform them of this and ensure another payment wont be taken from my account next month, but I was told they will continue to take another payment as I am contracted!! However when I look at my account details on the website, it says that the subscription is cancelled and no further payments will be taken. Im just annoyed because I’ll have to go through all this AGAIN next month. The advisers at Match are not helpful at all.

  115. Andrew says:

    Same story here. I don’t even remember agreeing to pay for MatchAffinity in the first place but cannot prove that. I have unsubscribed from their service twice but found out the other day that they are still taking 50 a month from my account. I have blocked the direct debit now and am pursuing this through the tribunals service.

    The entire setup is deliberately meant to make contacting the company as difficult as possible.

    “ fraud” “ scam” “ theft”
    “ fraud” “ scam” “ theft”

  116. F says:

    My subscription was due to expire on 27th October and I cancelled my subscription and automatic renewal on 8th October 2014. I also received an e-mail saying it was cancelled. I hadn’t realise until yesterday that they took two other payments one on 27th October and one on 27th January from my paypal account! I tried to find an e-mail address that I could send a complaint e-mail an attach the cancellation e-mail they sent. No e-mail address nor telephone number is provided in their website! After reading this blog I opened a dispute case in my paypal account and requested a refund for these two payments. Lets see how this will be ended.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  117. daniel says:

    this is the worst site going they take ur money 12 hours later close account no refund this site should be closed down for fraud

  118. daniel says:

    a site that cons avererage person with not a lot of money is discusting

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