using Deceptive Subscription And Business Practices – Conclusion

I recently wrote about Match Dating and it’s alleged tomfoolery of using highly questionable business practices to keep automatically billing subscribers, the story broke when was featured on the BBC’s Watchdog program. Here is a link to the post I’m referring to.

I also created a second post which simply showed people what number to use to cancel their accounts so to instruct subscriptions to cease taking money from their accounts automatically. Here is the number if you’re looking for a way to cancel your account and don’t want to look through my blog for the previous posts: 0800 368 5856

Shortly after I’d published my opinion on the matter, an apparent customer and ex-subscriber of named Ruth commented on my blog stating that she was satisfied with the service and cancellation policies that offers.

However, after investigating who this person was, it became clear that the comment had come from itself and wasn’t a satisfied customer. Here is a link to the story about the deceptive comment left on my blog.

The final chapter of this rather strange sequence of events is that contacted and asked to leave an official comment. Match’s official statement is at the end of article featured on here is a link to the article.

You can draw your own conclusions about after reading the documents I’ve linked to.

One thought on “ using Deceptive Subscription And Business Practices – Conclusion

  1. joan says:

    I have just been charged $69 by after attempting to cancel the subscription the week before. I logged on to see why I was charged and they never cancelled my account. They do not allow you to e-mail although it says to email. My credit card company will not dispute it because they say I did not cancel before they posted the charge. I did try..match just won’t allow and makes it very difficult to cancel.


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