88 The Narrow Road Review – Felix Dennis, et al.

1. Sebastian Vettel. Incredible.

2. F1. Just wow, I can’t believe how passionate I was when F1 was a continual procession. I almost lost my F1 faith when I read Bernie Ecclestone’s recent biography and discovered just how much of a farce F1 actually is. However, the racing makes it worth it. Especially since Max Mosley has gone and can’t corrupt races because of his megalomania and grudges.

3. Felix Dennis and his recent “book”. 88 The Narrow Road. Here is my review: It’s shit. Don’t bother, the man isn’t well and the people that reviewed his last book so positively have reviewed this excrement in the same light. The fact that he keeps putting this trash out is unbeknown to me, it makes no sense. He doesn’t need the money. At least it’s not long, every page is one sided.

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