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Scoot is the worst hosting company and domain management service I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. If you’re considering them as a host for your website, don’t. The service and security is terrible.

A bit of background to this review:

I manage a customers website which is hosted with Scoot, unfortunately he was already signed up to when I started working on his website. I can only describe my experience with Scoot as nothing but poor and here are my reasons why:

1. There is no security on the phone when they hand out customer details. I had to get the FTP details for their server and the receptionist gave them to me over the phone without checking who I was! Outrageous.

2. Their web server was hacked and my customers website was infected with Malware, when I questioned them and asked them to do something about it, they refused point blank and blamed me for giving out their server details. WTF.

3. Their server has on more than one occasion gone down on a Friday and has then stayed offline until following Monday. It’s as if their tech support don’t work weekends. It brings the email down with it at the same time, this means no emails for my customer while they are down. Very bad for his small business which relies on daily trade.

4. The actual customer service is disgusting, their response time to requests is sometimes weeks or never and the image they paint of themselves if complete incompetence. Requests take repeated nagging which can mean days or even weeks before they rectify the situation.

5. Their hosting is extremely expensive compared to what you can get it for in a million other places.

6. Their Keyword Trackz product is a joke, if you’re prepared to pay money for something this pointless then you probably deserve to be ripped off when you can get it for free in Google’s Webmaster tools.

In summary:

While this review is completely my opinion, I believe their service is awful and I strongly suggest you avoid them for hosting at all costs. That’s not to say they don’t have happy customers too. Somewhere.

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