Sky Broadband Connect Package Disgustingly Slow

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I’ve posted about Sky Broadband before and how terribly slow their broadband offering is. I’ve run several tests today to determine what speed I’m getting versus what I’m paying for. Here is the cold hard truth about Sky Broadband and their ultra slow connect package:

What I’m paying for:

Advertised Maximum Download Speed: 8MB —— >Cost Per Month = £17

What I’m getting:


I’m being overcharged by: 3300%

How much slower is my broadband compared to what I was sold? 33 times slower!

What I should be paying a month for this speed: 51 Pence a Month!

Test Details:

Size of test time: 100Mb File

Time to download = 7 Minutes exactly


The Sky Connect Broadband is beyond a joke. I’m speechless.

Something needs to be done about this misselling and deceptive behaviour, if you’re in the same boat and tied into a 12 month contract too, please get in touch.

3 thoughts on “Sky Broadband Connect Package Disgustingly Slow

  1. Melvyn Burchell says:

    Sky Connect is a rubbish product but this is not the fault of Sky… Sky Connect is a BT Wholesale product and is traffic managed by BT in order to preserve the service for their retail product! Sky Connect is only offered in exchanges that are not unbundled by Sky (Easynet) – there is no Sky equipment in these exchanges so are at the mercy of the quality of the BT wholesale product which appears to have been designed to have been curve fitted to OFCOM’s regulations… Obviously BT want their retail customers to have the “5 star” service and by degrading the wholesale product they will ultimately find many of those customers will migrate to BT… It is BT and OFCOM you need to be writing to – for their unfair business practices…

  2. Chris Angus says:

    I understand the infrastructure better than most as I have an advanced qualification around Internet Protocols. I ALSO understand that broadband suppliers make little to no money and there isn’t any resource to upgrade the outdated infrastructure… However, it doesn’t change the fact that Sky misrepresent themselves when they sell the packages. If they can only provide a service which offers certain speeds then it should be VERY clear.

    Sky Connect is subject to fierce traffic management policies and that’s hardly out in the open. It has a huge impact on broadband speeds at various times of the day and weekend. While they have a page about their traffic management policy and you can see that HERE, you’ll notice it’s very vague. If they were more ethical about the way they sold this product they would have big red writing stating that the download speeds are slow due to reasons beyond their control. They should ALSO display the AVERAGE BROADBAND SPEED a customer would receive.

    I am almost next door to my exchange and I don’t use my Sky Connect package due to it being unusable, I am not overstepping any download limits. I connect to Sky when my dongle is down for five minutes or to test how what speed I happen to be getting from Sky at the time. Even though I’ve met all of their criteria, I get appalling broadband.

    Sky advertise that I “could” receive a download speed of up to 8mbps, however, that’s a totally useless number, they could say 10000mbps – it makes no difference, I never get more than 500kbps. Ever. It’s disgusting. On average, I get over 30x less than what is advertised.

    Whatever your defence of Sky may be, you cannot defend false advertising.

    I welcome your response.

  3. Peter Brookes says:

    It’s astonishing how one of Sky’s own Senior Platform Support Engineers at BSkyB is calling it’s product rubbish.

    Mr.Melvyn Burchell, you have much integrity sir, well done.

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