Sky Broadband Problems – Sky Broadband Slow

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Sky Connect Broadband is so slow its completely dishonest. Read below and leave a comment if you’ve been affected.

Help the cause and Stop Sky Broadband from misleading consumers.

This is hardly my first blog post venting my frustration at Sky Broadband and it’s problems. Mainly speed problems, it’s outrageous how they can sell Broadband and the advertised speeds and not get into trouble for it.

My latest download test was atrocious and I’ve taken a screenshot of the actual download window below:

Sky download Slow

My 10MB file tool 3:29 to download, which means that my download speed it less than pre-broadband days when we all had dial up modems. YouTube just doesn’t work and browsing is so slow it’s hell.
Here are the statistics based upon my download speed:

Promised Broadband Speed: 8MB

Delivered Speed: 0.048MB

Difference between what’s promised and what’s delivered: 166 times slower!

Price charged per month: £17

What I should be paying for this speed based on what I’m getting charged: 11 Pence a month!

This is a scam, it really is.

I’ve done some research of the top phrases (in descending order) that people type in Google related to Sky Broadband and listed them below, have a look at how many of them are negative rather than general informational queries:

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9 thoughts on “Sky Broadband Problems – Sky Broadband Slow

  1. cyco says:

    how wrong are you, that is your download speed, not your actually net usage speed, not to mention it factors on the websites speed at which you was downloading the file from, nor will you EVER get an 8mb download speed its the speed at which you can view websites etc, 8mb broadband, your likely to get MAX download of 1.4mb if your lucky

  2. admin says:

    Hi Cyco,

    Perhaps you’d like to tell everyone why you’re defending Sky so vehemently? You’ve come through on a Talk Talk IP address range and since you are not on Sky why do you care that much?

    We all know that we DO NOT get what we pay for, so why advertise 8MB when you get 150x less?

    I live next door to the exchange (no attenuation issues) and if you care to read my other posts you’ll see I don’t use the my connection so there is no reason to manage my traffic either.

    The fact that I get 56K or less is an abomination considering what they supposedly sold to me.

    You may note that that in my other blog posts I also state I have a tertiary degree in computers and an advanced degree in IP’s and the associated hardware and infrastructure. I even defend the fact that Broadband providers cannot supply what they promise as the infrastructure is totally inadequate and because the margins are almost non-existent they cannot afford to invest and upgrade the infrastructure.

    However, I’m calling for transparent advertising more than anything and getting a usable Broadband connection if I am paying for one.

    It’s deceptive, false advertising. It’s dishonest and illegal imho.

    I welcome your comments.

  3. Laura says:

    Sky broadband is sh*t and always has been. It’s gone down more times than I can count and I recently had a Sky TV engineer do a speed test on it and we are consistently getting 0.3Mbs. If I phone Sky, they getting me fiddling with every cable in the house for about an hour, only to tell me to call BT! I’m moving and I should have done it sooner.

  4. Iain says:

    Totally agree with you,why oh why did I switch from talktalk.I had to suffer the loss of Internet for a month because of some glitch with their administration ie,they cancelled the order !
    When eventually the router arrived it appears to have a mind of its own switches off when it feels like it,tried everything switching channels disabling all wireless and wired components that worked perfectly well with talktalk and then when it does decide to work get a download speed of 0.3mbps which is like watching paint dry.
    How is it possible that the neighbours across the road get 8.5mbps on Bt
    We are the same distance from the exchange and there’s no cable in the street.
    What it means is there is no point using the apple tv now because it’s too slow and ironically sky anytime is now not worth watching because of the time it takes to download !!!!

  5. Rick says:

    Sky is very poor, but the facts in this article don’t make any sense!

    Complete garbage!

    Do some work to understand how networking works before you post this type of stuff!!!

  6. admin says:

    @Rick — It’s not gone unnoticed that you’re coming in from a Sky IP address. You’re a fucktard, if I’ve ever seen one.

  7. dean says:

    Sky is shit fact i pay for 20mb and get 2mb anyone that defends sky needs shooting.

  8. Mark says:

    I’ve got sky fiber. When we had it installed, after a couple of weeks of instability, it settled down to 37 mbps download and 9 mbps upload, I was truly bown away. Thing is we’re only just into a 12 month contract and at tne point or sale Sky committed to delivering a minimum of 15mbps, otherwise they would not charge for the fiber. 6 months in, the last four months have been down 3mbps. Naturally I’ve complained and for four months been getting the run around and the finger. Sky broad and is crap. Sky customer services are deliberately obstructive and obtuse. I moving my business to npa new provider and sky can go and whistle for business as I won’t recommend them. I’ve now ad to make a data subject access request to lodge a formal complaint with the regulator and as sky refuse to fix the problem and refund monies for services not received, I can’t wait t hear what the regulator says. Avoid sky at all costs, they’ve over sold it and they DO choke your speeds!

  9. Jc30168 says:

    Sky broadband is the absolute pits of the Earth, it’s slower than the dial up service I had 10 years ago.

    I work from home and need a reliable service. I rang up to cancel after during the cooling off period as the service is not fit for purpose. since cancelling even though I stated I need it until 6th October, mysteriously I can now get no broadband at all. They are a sham. Please please avoid at all costs. Waste of money. Waste of time and clueless tech support. stick to satellite TV.

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