Sky Broadband Survey – Takes Two Seconds, Only One Question

Are you unhappy with your Sky Broadband? Then please vote in this survey and help stop Sky Broadband misleading consumers and deliver Broadband at speeds that remotely represent what they are advertised at. It’s one click, that’s it, just a single question!

You can see the Sky Survey Results here:

19 thoughts on “Sky Broadband Survey – Takes Two Seconds, Only One Question

  1. Mr.A says:

    sky can go f**k themselves for all i care the internet drops out every 5- 10 mins and the sync speeds also drop it took about 2 mins to get this page to load the speeds are supposed to be at 2.5 meg which is still shocking at the moment the download speeds at 400kb what a piece of crap a turtle can move faster. And dont get me started on the ping 80ms i want 50ms or lower cant even get full connection on the playstation and when other people in the house browse while im on it LAG !!!!!. paying £7.50 for unlimited whats the point when i cant dowload sh*t -_-

  2. lee says:

    recently took sky’s package deal and found internet connection to be crap. did a speed test and got 2.5m download. took my laptop next door and got 13m download on my neighbors bt connection.

  3. j freeman says:

    Sky Broadband does not work, going to BT. have been with Sky Broadband 6 months and it is hopeless…drops all the time or buffs! Don’t get Sky Broadband!!!!!!

  4. Hatin'Sky says:

    Sky are terrible, I cannot buffer any videos with the sky connection, I have a 700kb connection and can only download at 50kb/s. My ping is constantly over 200ms and completely unable to do anything. Completely useless and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anybody, in fact I have warned everyone I know not to go with Sky and will continue to warn people. Very unhappy.

  5. big H says:

    i have been with sky for 4 months and was told my connection was going to be between 1-2 meg ,so far all i have is less than .3 meg total sh.. ,thats what i say still got 8 months to go before i can cancel ,i hope they hang that bas…d murdoch out to dry .

  6. says:

    Sky is an absolute waste of time. I just finished Uni where 5 of us were online constantly with gaming etc. since returning home and using sky it’s slow it cuts out constantly and is generally a pain.
    Worst of all my parents are thrilled with the price and so will not change to BT which is far better in the area. They don’t understand they are paying for a crappy serivce when for just a few quid more you can full reliable connection where you can play a whole SD or ever HD! YouTube video or load your BBC news page without loosing connection.

  7. Indi says:

    When at home and using sky is slow it cuts out constantly and is generally a pain. Can’t wait for BT so I can say good riddance to SKY apparently it’s my problem because my house has walls – WELL I”M SORRY!

  8. Aaron says:

    Sky Advertised:
    20 Mbps

    My Reality:
    1.18 Mbps – Download speed
    0.37 Mbps – Upload speed
    91 ms – Ping

    It went down from 10, to 6, and now to 1. What’s going on? They raise the price, drop the speed.

    We’re paying roughly £80 a month for this s**t. That’ll soon change.

    Du. Du Hast. Du Hast Sky Broadband♪

  9. Peter Gordon says:

    SKY are FECKING SHITE, my internet connection keep dropping, send a ping to and it times out, send via IP it times out, red LED on the router… “I HAVE NO SYNCH”

    SKY Support: “Let me change your wireless frequency”

    ME – WHAT THE F**K how is that really going to help… I HAVE NO CONNECTION TO YOU RADIUS SERVER

    SKY Support: Can you plug the yellow cable into your laptop and the router..


  10. Naz says:

    Sky is simply shiteee, been in 1.07 MBs, customer service is a fscking Indian in Bangalore, who hasn’t got a clue, 3 people can’t use Internet together in my house absolute crap!! I am now moving to talk talk !!

  11. admin says:

    Don’t move to Talk Talk, that’ll be the biggest mistake you make. IF you want decent broadband, stick to BT. Virgin is a distant second and everything else is terrible.

  12. Jamie says:

    Having fun waiting for webpages to load, I don’t bother with YouTube videos anymore, my pings is several hundred on any game I try to play (makes me feel like I’m owed money by sky to compensate for my computer (for games) which they’ve rendered completely useless by making my internet speeds go from slow (1mb/s) to unusable, even for web browsing.) My speed is around 0.4-0.3Mb/s at any time and sky can’t even be arsed to reply to my email that they said they’d reply to in 24hours and haven’t.

  13. Bill says:


  14. Dave says:

    Sky have bitten off more than they can chew,it is over subscribed with all the new Sky GO customers.
    I am suposed to be on unlimited and just lately my download speed is just 1.1/2 meg, should be 14 meg minimum, I live a few hundred yards from my exchange.
    Sky are liars.

  15. Jenil says:

    How do you people keep this company going? SKY IS THE WORST FU*KING INTERNET I EVER HAD. KEEPS DISCONNECTING. DO NOT BUY. I am moving to BT or O2. Much better than this crap.
    Take my advise and shut down the company.

  16. admin says:

    O2 isn’t great either, BT is the best of the worst I.M.H.O

  17. Sky Employee says:

    What you don’t realise is this…

    Every single Broadband provider uses lines provided by Openreach (A BT Company, not BT it self)

    The only way to increase your speeds are to pay for Fibre optic or change to Virgin, the only provider to use its own line.

    So all of you can shut your gobs

  18. Andrew Todd says:

    It is rubbish. I’m seriously thinking of just cancelling payment. They have obviously pissed about with it because it was reasonable to start with. Now it’s fucking worthless. I won’t be using sky again after this.

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