Skype is Down Again – The Skype Server is offline #Fail!

Skype has been plagued with problems recently and it’s becoming a little tiring to be honest.  They had a major outage in December 2010 which was really annoying, then my Skype was hacked along with thousands of other peoples as well as going down today. Again…

Here is Skype’s latest Tweet:


Technical instructions to fix the current Skype issue affecting a small number of users – easier solution coming soon!
6 minutes ago
Skype, sorry, but this is becoming all to regular, and I am going to move over to another VOIP provider asap.

Skype Skype

Between nodes and super nodes going down, now it’s Skype’s own servers. While I’m against Microsoft extending it’s monopoly, at least they should bring the service up to a level where it’s not going down all the time.

One thought on “Skype is Down Again – The Skype Server is offline #Fail!

  1. Cliff says:

    I feel sorry for you if you think Skype is going to improve under Microsoft.
    In all the I have used Skype since it first launched it has never once let me down, until now, soon as MS taken over,
    Hey, guess what, It doe not work any more!

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