www.infinity-intellectuals.com moronic spammers

I really hate companies that spam you and then don’t remove you from their lists… Continuously. While I feel every legitimate company should have a chance to email once, they need to respect opt-out requests. This email marketing  spam company allege to sell “double opt in” email lists refuses to stop spamming me – even after repeated requests to remove me […]

Matt Cutts Singing About Spam

Try to spot him. I think he’s wearing the wig. watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE [ generic cialis next day delivery | viagra no prescription | cyalis levitra sales viagra | levitra vs cialis | buy viagra in canada | cialis online canada | viagra rx in canada | cialis endurance | cialis profesional | canadian viagra best deals […]

Google Panda Recovery…I think

I’ve blogged extensively about Google Panda; stating that I thought that I may have an idea as to how the “Panda” aspect of the Algo works. I’m pleased to say that one of my clients has seen a significant recovery, while it’s not entirely recovered all of the traffic that the Panda “om nom nom-ed” […]