Google Panda Recovery…I think

I’ve blogged extensively about Google Panda; stating that I thought that I may have an idea as to how the “Panda” aspect of the Algo works. I’m pleased to say that one of my clients has seen a significant recovery, while it’s not entirely recovered all of the traffic that the Panda “om nom nom-ed” the gains are significant – double digit percentages.

Google Panda 2.0 wiped out nearly all my clients including this one. The strategy I implemented with this particular client was very aggressive and out of all my clients, it seems to be the only one that saw a “de-panda-er-ing” at the right time. Many of my clients have slowly recovered their traffic although that seems to be a tweaking of the algo, rather than an actual recovery.

This client in particular had a significant surge in traffic right after Panda 2.2 was rolled out. Coincidence? Maybe – but it’s rather nice nevertheless.

Here are a few traffic graphs to illustrate the possible recovery:

If anyone wants to comment – please feel free, I’m not proclaiming to know the secret, only that changes I implemented “may” have worked.


6 Month View:
Google Panda Recovery Graph

3 Month View:
Google Panda Recovery 3 Month View

3 thoughts on “Google Panda Recovery…I think

  1. Suhas says:

    Can you pls. share what you did to recover?

  2. Sosh says:

    The image ‘share the knowledge’ at the top of this page seems rather ironic!

  3. admin says:

    @ Sosh – indeed.

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