And Twitter Starts to Fall…

I’ve never completely “got” Twitter; it’s always felt unnatural in terms of communication to me – like Skateboarding, but with your other foot forward. It’s manageable, but awkward.

It’s no surprise that Twitters traffic is starting to level and even decline,  to me at least. What is surprising though is how quickly it’s changed from a strong degree of acceleration to a slight decline within a matter of months. I guess part of the decline is down to G+ opening up and many of the prolific Tweeters experimenting with G+ and not Tweeting as much, which draws other people off the site and towards G+ which exacerbates the downward cycle.

While Twitter is a cool gadget, I’ve never thought that it was a great way to communicate, the random illogical conversations in your stream and on the off-chance one spotted something that was interesting, you need to click back and seeing where the conversation started between the two people was sort of, annoying, and a little confusing.

I’ve never been a Twitter Fanboy and think I’ve Tweeted about thirty times in three years. However, I do find it useful when looking for breaking news. Twitter does have its uses, but I suspect it’s oversold and we’ll see an “adjustment in traffic” where it’ll lose a large number of users and then stabilise. That is, if they can make it profitable.

I’ve included a screenshot of Twitter’s traffic over the last year or so. Look for the recent decline.

Twitter traffic

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