BT Broadband – 40 Telephone Calls – 3 Engineer Visits – No Solution

BT Broadband, while the service levels seem to be good, the results are as useful as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse.

Really crap.

3 days waiting for an engineer, 3 visits, one engineer several hours late. 30 – 40 telephone calls. No solution to my unreliable BT broadband that’s been dropping the line intermittently since I moved into my new apartment.

Totally and utterly incompitent – however willing.

The funny part is, after each engineering visit, BT (India) call you to ask if it’s fixed and what the engineer said.  Don’t you have the facility to ring the engineer yourself? Why ask the customer what the engineer said?! It’s very unprofessional and really highlights the hard work they have put into being so incompetent, it’s paying dividends.

I trade online and have lost a small fortune because my broadband line has a knack of going down right at the point of when I want to close a trade. Think I’ve lost the equivilent value of a small car thus far, thanks for for eroding my investments BT. Nice one.

I’ve got a 4th engineer booked for tomorrow, I’m not hopeful.

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