Dishonest Taxi Drivers in Oxford

Recently, I’ve almost not had a day go by where a taxi driver doesn’t attempt to rip me off in my home town of Oxford, here in the UK. Just a couple of days ago during a short shopping trip to Oxford city I stopped a black Hackney cab and asked him to take me home which is about a six miles journey. On route, I noticed he had turned the meter to fare #3 which is the most expensive and is illegal. Taxi drivers are obligated to not overcharge their customers illegally and use the correct fare numbers at the correct times.

Most of the time, taxi drivers should have their meters set to fare #1, unless it’s after 10pm or all day Sunday which is fare #2. The most expensive and rarely used, (legally) is fare #3, fare #3 is for Christmas day and long trips beyond the city limits. A typical taxi driver would virtually never have to use fare #3.  It nearly doubles the cost of any reasonably long journey (10 miles or more) and adds approximately 30% to the cost of a 5 mile journey.

I challenged the driver and he blew me off with, “well, I’ve just got off the motorway” (yeah right) and then he didn’t change it! He said it would add something like 30 Pence to my 6 mile journey when in fact it added £3. When I got home, he expected me to pay full rate which of course I didn’t as I knew what it should have cost – he then argued further saying the figure I had worked out was much too low. Pure and utter dishonesty. I didn’t pay what he wanted.

My second encounter with a dishonest taxi driver of the week occurred today; I had a guy start the meter within my 5 minute grace period – so the meter was running as I got in the car off my train from London!

I’m really sick and tired of these taxi drivers ripping people off in Oxford. I’m writing this post to encourage people to make public the names and details of the criminal taxi drivers, here around Oxford.

If you’ve been ripped off, please leave the details in the comments and I’ll publish them, details like taxi numbers, type of car, the offence caused, name of taxi firm and any other details will be most helpful in actually figuring out who these people are so the council can investigate these peoples nefarious activities.

Please do not use bad language or emotional language in the comments, however hard it maybe, I will not publish the comments if they contain language as such. Just the facts. Also, do not comment if you only suspect you’ve been ripped off, you need to know beyond reasonable doubt that some guy took a chance and tried to rip you off.

Please cut and paste the layout directly underneath this sentence so the comments will follow a logical format:

a) Three number license for taxi as issued by the council for their taxi license:

b) Date & time of offence:

c) Journey – From & Too:

d) Name of taxi company that provides the radios or cars

e) What Happened? – How did the taxi driver try to illegally overcharge you:

f) Type of car, Make- Model – Colour:

g)  Any other details which may be helpful.

Here are the names and numbers of taxi firms in Oxford, should you ever need to call one. I do not know which of the companies is the best or the worst, it seems like pot luck as to whether you get a lying, dishonest toe-rag or not.

ABC Taxis: 01865 770077 / 01865 775577
Botley Taxis: 01865 423264 / 07866 423264
001 Taxis: 01865 240000
RadioTaxis: 01865 242424 / 01865 249743
Royal Cars: 01865 777333
Oxford Cars: 01865 406070 / 01865 406080
Elite Cars: 01865 250500
Star Cars: 01865 777695

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