Dear BT Broadband – Please Can you Fix my Internet – It’s only been 3 Months

26 October – 1:30pm  – FINAL UPDATE

The 7th BT engineer came over this morning, a decent chap indeed. He managed to trace the fault to the building lift – every-time it’s activated, the line drops.  Everyone that called out a REIN issue was right – congratulations to all of you that can diagnose a problem without visiting the site.

I’d like to thank everyone that’s helped me reach a point where we can move forward – the attitude of the staff at BT is tremendous (bar Wholesale that were never interested) but every single engineer  that I’ve met has been lovely and tried their best to help.

I look fondly upon everyone at BT – you all care deeply and it shows.

I’m sorry I had to take such extreme action to get someones attention but it reached a point where I was just being ignored which was pretty dreadful. After hundreds of telephone calls, emails and a few Tweets without any prospect of a resolution; I eventually “lost it” and did what I needed to do in order to get some attention.

The advertising costs have run into the thousands for this alone, but I’m not complaining – I guess it would’ve been cheaper to just pay out my contract, however, I wanted to resolve the issue and not run away from it.

Thank You again to everyone that’s commented on this blog and and helped out, you’re all stars.


Dear BT Broadband – Please Can you Fix my Internet – It’s only been 3 Months

My BT Broadband is terribly unreliable, it drops the connection all too frequently, sometimes up to twenty times a day. It’s the most infuriating problem as BT cannot seem to resolve the issue. Thus far I’ve had:

5 x Engineering Home Visits (Work time lost waiting for the engineers on every occasion.)

150 odd emails back and forth

100+ Telephone calls.

They have changed my whole network from the router to the cabinet and then the wiring to the exchange. They have also done a “lift and shift”, and a “port reset”. There is nothing left to do, on my side of the exchange.


I know you see yourself as two different companies and don’t like helping Open-Reach but there is nothing more they can do.

Please help – this is outrageous – not only have I had unreliable Broadband for several months, I’ve lost £20,000 of work as a direct result of having a line that seems to know exactly when to drop so I lose the most amount of money when I’m trading online.In addition, I’ve looked like a Muppet to my customers abroad who can’t seem to understand why I don’t have a decent internet line in a first world country.


BT won’t even let me cancel my contract without paying the full contract out in full.

My phone number is 01865 556 408 – please look at the notes on the system. Extensive notes – I just get ignored now.  The BT openReach guys are a bloody good bunch that have done their utmost to help – but Wholesale – someone needs to kick their arses. It’s a joke.

Thanks for all the comments and ideas so far, I do appreciate that most of you guys and girls are going out of your way to help a customer. It’s really appreciated.


10/11/2011 – Facebook Campaign is started out of sheer desperation for a decent internet connection

11/10/2011 – I had a few calls from the team in Northern Ireland and the Newcastle team (3 or 4 in total)  promising some action. Line is still dropping – what felt like the worst day ever.

12/10/2011 – An “update” call from the Newcastle team saying they are waiting for a “Frame Relay Engineer” to call back so to book an appointment with me.  Line is still dropping badly.

13/10/2011 – 11:00am –  The NewCastle Team called this morning saying they have  “upped the Hertz from 6 – 12”.

13/10/2011 –  1:16pm – BroadBand Line Dropped for 5 minutes

13/10/2011 – 1:30pm –
Call from Gavin at the executive level complaints department saying they had taken over and are investigating.

14/10/2011 – 3:37pm – Broadband still dropping. I have a 6th engineering visit booked for Tuesday – 18/10/2011

17/10/2011 – 1:35pm –  Broadband still dropping and did so throughout the weekend. I noticed that at one point when the Broadband went down it said “check phone line” on my cordless phone. 6th engineering visit tomorrow; here’s hoping.

18 – 20 October 2011 – 1:38   – Broadband still dropping; BT is aware. Steps to resolving a Rein issue have been implemented they have re-installed a big ass faceplate to isolate the house bar the main point. Also, installed a Rein filter. However, as mentioned the broadband is still dropping – an engineering follow-up is scheduled for the 21st of October.

 20 – 24 October – 1:30pm – Broadband Still dropping! 7th Engineer scheduled to visit on Wednesday the 26th, this is to resolve a Rein issue or see if it uncovers any other issues that maybe causing the problem.  It’s been two weeks since BT has really jumped into action and I’m not really any closer to having reliable broadband.

92 thoughts on “Dear BT Broadband – Please Can you Fix my Internet – It’s only been 3 Months

  1. Nick Lloyd ( Openreach etg ) says:

    sounds to me that you need BT WHOLESALE to check your RADIUS LOGS for your line, these show the drops, how often and for how long. They will be able to check to see if your VIRTUAL PATH is running hot, Im not kidding this is a known fault scenario.They should check for a valid PPP session, also the build of your broadband line ( ie PPoE or PPoA ). I would assume the previous visits checked for and confirmed your line with an eclipse test, PQT test, adsl sync test for crc errors, REIN in your immediate area ( radio,electrical interference noise ).

    What you need is a BROADBAND BOOST task created which will be done and given to a broadband engineer from openreach who will check all this out for you.


  2. matt brooks says:

    give me a call i work on the broadband help desk 07516772685

  3. anon says:

    hello im unsure if you are aware but wholesale is openreach the two sepeate companies is retail and wholesale open reach are the wholesale engineers who go to all companies they have done everything you said above in the exchanges and wiring the provider in this case retail or business as i saw you said you were trading only rent the services they should however if they are unable to fix the problem you should be able to cancel with no hold to term just a quick note

  4. Matt says:

    As an Openreach engineer without the ADSL/SFI/SFI2/BBB skill I hear if you have a long line with a home hub this can cause problems, All my team mates have said swap it out with a 2wire BT Business Hub (I use one of these in place of the home hub)

    Not sure what hub you have, or the length of the line, but if Openreach have changed NTE, Dropwire, Dside, Eside, and exchange equipment then as you say, not much more they can do!

    drop me a line if you need any other info.

  5. Ian says:


    You can cancel with BT as they are in breach of contract. Re sale of goods act. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!

  6. viki says:

    Hi, have you actually had you router replaced? I work at BT in tech help

  7. Joe says:

    How far do u live from your local exchange? Line lenght can be a major issue for broadband and there are different types of broadband products that bt can provided you with. If line lenght is the issue bt may be providing you with a fixed rate broadband product which your line may not be able to support due to the lenght or the quality. In which case you would need adptive broadband which will provide you with a slower but stable service that your line can support. Other issues can be REIN, electronic frequencies that can be imitted by a street lamp to a faulty sky televion box this can put errors on your line and your broadband will always drop out. I am a openreach broadband engineer and I would have though by the 5th visited these things should have been identified if they where a issue….however your never know. Regards Joe

  8. Jon says:

    You should try their twitter account @btcare:!/btcare

    I’ve had lots of luck with them in the past!

  9. admin says:

    Have done Jon – about 10 tweets back and forth including today.

  10. admin says:

    Hi Joe – it’s not a distance issue because when the engineer does a CRC check it’s dropping very few packets. It’s intermittent.

  11. admin says:

    Hi Viki – yes, I have a spare router (brand new Netgear) and it has the same issues.

  12. admin says:

    I have tried Ian! They said they would bill me for the whole contract, not that the money is an “issue” per se, but it’s not right. Furthermore, I can’t get Virgin, Sky is dreadful and my T-Mobile dongle doesn’t have signal. I’ve ordered BT infinity (Fibre) and not heard a thing…GO figure.

  13. admin says:

    Hi Matt – they have changed the entire network. The whole thing. My apartment, the cable to the cabinet, the pair to the exchange – then a lift and shift & Port Reset at the exchange. BT Open-reach can do no more. They are a good bunch of blokes, but they only go as far as the exchange and if they can’t do any more, then it’s a BT Wholesale issue – HELLO WHOLESALE.

  14. admin says:

    Hi anon – I’ve tried. I’m quite limited in choice sadly and I want BT to fix the issue now, not just let me endure 3 months of hell and then release me from my contract. I want some accountability here.

  15. laura says:

    Have you spoken to a manager within BT?

  16. admin says:


  17. admin says:

    Hi Matt – my landline is 01865 556 408 if you want to call me tomorrow.

  18. Anon says:

    If your service is that bad, you should have complain to Ofcom, especially if you have evidence of how much trouble this has caused you. I have B.T. BB and I love it :) reliable, fast and easy.. I was with crap crap, I mean talk talk, and I had the sorts of problems you are talking about…but then they are cheap, so what does anyone expect, a 2Mb line has a 50:1 contention on it…! Complain to Ofcom, you should then get your contract cancelled and you can go with another provider if it is that bad!

  19. admin says:

    Hi Anon – what are Ofcom going to do with respect? Fine them £200? I’ve not had decent broadband for 3 months! Amongst a lot of work time and money lost. It’s been the most frustrating experience ever.

  20. admin says:

    Hi Laura – I’ve tried. Believe me – I’ve tried. I’ve had over 150 phone calls with BT so far.

  21. bob says:

    if they have change the network to the exchange and you were still dropping that is the server side eg internet. every one else would be dropping. sounds like a super company changing the whole line for one customer with what sounds like a very long line i wish my service provide in the US would change quarter of my line

  22. Scooter says:

    E-mail the CEO.

    He has a dedicated complaints team that work on these special cases and he will demand regular updates. Point out what great effort and lengths openreach has gone to but still no luck and now it seems that it is going nowhere.

  23. Will Tatam says:

    You don’t state who your provider is, you mention both BT wholesale (which implies you are with reseller)

    Best this is to speak to

  24. viki says:

    If you email me ur details I will have a look tomorrow and get this escalated for you and see if we can sort this for you…….Regards Viki

  25. admin says:

    Thanks Will – for the record, I’m a residential customer – not a reseller.

  26. viki says:

    I will your home number to go into ur residential account to see the fault notes. Do you know if a boost engineer has visited or has it been SFI engineers. I am currently dealing with a fault similar to yours.

  27. viki says:

    oops need your home number

  28. viki says:

    sorry got ur number from the original post will check this tomorrow for you.

  29. Cath says:


    If you are out of pocket BT has a scheme called actual financial loss. This will reimburse your losses but you will need to send in proof (usually accounts from the same period this time last year). Also worth noting you are not allowed to run a buiness line from a consumer account. As previously mentioned it might be worth changing to a business line. Good luck getting this sorted out.

  30. Bob says:

    Question is why are you running a business on a res line (according to the notes above). Also you have fibre adsl 40mbs download when some can’t get 1mb. How many other companies would bend over backwards to rip out an entire network for one customer. sounds like they are bending over backwards to sort you out.

  31. admin says:

    I’m not “running a business”, I have an office but I trade online when I’m at home. I’m not denying that they OpenReach guys have done all they can, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still have a line that drops 20 times a day for multiple minutes at a time.

  32. admin says:

    I would get a business line, if I was running a business but I’m not – I have an office with a leased line.

  33. Cath says:

    Sometimes you just have to give up and accept you cannot get Broadband or move house :-) You may just be in the 5% of households unable to get Broadband.

  34. admin says:

    I live in the centre of Oxford Cath – it’s hardly a remote area.

  35. Gary says:

    Hi Chris

    When the line is in sync and holding, what sort of speed are you getting?
    The reason I ask, as if its a reasonable line speed and you can afford a bit of a drop, have they tried capping the speed a bit lower to see if it stabilises the line?
    I’m an SFI engineer myself, and have have come across similar things in the past, where i’ve been one of many engineers to visit, and the only cure seems to be either a fixed line speed, or altering the SNR profile, so the speed lowers, but the stability is much better.
    In my past experience, this has usually been where the line length might not be as long as some others, but the quality of the feed cable might not be quite as good for supporting ADSL for what ever reason, or that there is basically too much power being sent down the line, and the line cannot support it, so it drops the sync…..either way, capping the speed can often help.
    It may not be the best solution, but its an idea.

  36. admin says:

    Hi Gary,

    Might be an idea, I’ll let the BT engineer when he visits. FYI: The speeds are 14MB up and 0.90MB down, so pretty good considering.


  37. fixaphone says:

    Hi.. sounds like just about everything has been tryed in the network. but back to basics I asume are pluged in to the master socket and it has been renewed, 2. That an ADSL face plate has been fitted, 3, that an RF3 filter fitted.
    Have you talked to your neighbours to see if it is just you, and to find out what speeds they are getting? One sure way of proving the network between your dp and the exchange, is with permision from another person getting service from the same dp. is to get an engineer to swap the routing. thats the ‘E’ and ‘D’ side network, this would prove the issue is not in the network..

  38. Ian Wilkinson says:

    Interleaving is what it needs to be set at in the exchange. Slower speed but more reliable.

  39. Ian Wilkinson says:

    ADSL modems commonly employ data Interleaving, which is a technique to increase resistance to noise bursts on a line. Interleaving “smears” out micro bits of data (interleaves them over time) so that a short burst of signal destroying noise can only remove part of any given larger block. Data blocks reserve some space for error-correction data.. which can salvage a partially damaged block. Interleaving increases the chance that noise on the line will only cause partial damage, not complete loss. Thats the good news.

    The down-side of Interleaving is that it increases latency! this is because your little (say) quake movement packet is smeared out over several packets before it can be fully sent or fully received.

  40. admin says:

    Thanks Ian – I’ll be showing this to the next engineer that comes over.

  41. admin says:

    Hi Fixaphone – Yes the faceplate has been changed several times, I was plugged and am still plugged into the main socket. They even used a special filter that blocked the rest of the property off so to intensify the signal I think.

    I have a spare Netgear router, and that has the same issues.

    The entire network has been changed by the amazing OpenReach blokes, sadly, Wholesale seem to be the ones that don’t want to play ball.

    Thanks for the comment.

  42. craig says:

    i am a broadband engineer and if your whole networ has been change this points more to a PPP session outage, sounds like the service providers gateway is freezing you out, what type of router do you have and are dropping sync ie does the home hub blue light actually start flashing orange?

  43. admin says:

    Hi Craig – Yes it does point to a PPP session, whereby the router is losing the ports or whatever.

    The light does turn orange and flash from time to time and it doesn’t either. Sometimes the connection will drop to near zero, but the line doesn’t drop.

  44. Nash says:

    Hi. Did they change equiment in exchange? I know sometime BT Engineer say they have change line from exchange to customer. They may have change from drop wrie to cabinet ( GREEN BOX ON STREET.) I am ex engineer. Some engineer say, they have done all that. Becuase all the jobs are time. If the engineer got 1 1/2 hour to do the job. they is no way he can do all that. I had issuse with my BB. BT sent 6 engineers to do the job. and 6 months. The 1st engineer came and went in 5 mins. He’s not they anymore. I think got the boot.

    How far you live from exchange. That is not an issuse. It could be your HUB OR IN THE EXCHANG. It could be white box where the cable comes in the house.
    I could have come and check it for you. But i am in London.
    Good Luck.

  45. Lilian says:

    We are experiencing the same problem at my office. It started early July 2011, and we upgraded to ADSL 2 upon recommendation of the BT engineer – and the improvement is, instead of dropping 8 times a day, it drops 4. After 2 engineeer visits and several calls to BT and my IT engineer, BT has decided to replace the router,and I really pray that will do the trick!

    And I was told that in BT contract, intermittent disconnection is not a valid reason to cancel the contract. Not sure if they’ve changed this.

  46. Buzz Lightyear says:

    On your telephone number it says infintity is available doesn’t it? If you get that little gem ordered you’ll have even faster speeds. I also believe that the interleaving is automatically set with BT’s FTTC service so that should tie in with some of the above comments. An engineer will come out for you to set it all up – sure they do some checks for you. Sure it’s a new hub aswell, new face plate on your socket – so it is doing a lot of what people above are suggesting – after all you’ve tried this may be the answer you desire.

    Good luck young squire – hope you get it sorted.

  47. Nash says:


    Openreach engineers are all donuts. No one wants to any work. I had BB issuse. It went on for 6 months. No one wanted to do anything.
    If you have Netgear. You need to change to BT HUB.


  48. chris says:

    sounds like a lot of work has been done on this line and the only two things left to do are to ask your next engineer to raise a REIN case, this is to check for 3rd party electronic interference, it can be caused by anything electrical in your house or even in your local area and can be very random, I had one recently where a customers line dropped everytime the lift was called in his apartment!!, they can be a bit of a bugger to find but you should have an engineer in your area who can check for it with a 444B tester. if that isn’t the problem then i’d be asking for a TPM, (tie pair modification) if the data build of your circuit is wrong or corrupt on wholesales system, they basically will cease your service and reprovide it, takes a couple of days to do but will clear any data build problems up. sorry if these options have been mentioned.

  49. anon says:

    You are indeed correct you have had 21 drops in the last 2 days. You do not appear to be on a long line as you have a sync speed of 13 meg.

    Questions I would be asking are:

    1) Has a hot VP been ruled out.
    2) Is there a potential REIN issue.
    3) Has a tie pair modification been considered (this is a last resort)

    The person you have been in conversation with over twitter. Have they offered to get someone dedicated to give you a call back? If not, request it. I would have expected an escalation team member to have been assigned the case.

    Just a couple of notes regarding a few comments. Someone suggested replacing the home hub with a 2wire. This is unwise. The 2wire 2700 is actually less tolerant than a home hub. The 2701 is better but I would say the hime hub is still better. This should not impact you however as you are not on a long line.

  50. admin says:

    @ Anon:

    I don’t have the answers to any of your questions, although I hope that it will help the engineer reading them.

    The Twitter person is on the case and I’m talking to someone in Newcastle, they are waiting for a “frames engineer” to call me back.

    Finally, the last bit about a 2-wire, I don’t know the answer to that either I’m afraid – thanks very much for taking the time to write constructive, helpful questions.

  51. admin says:

    @ Chris: Yes, its super intermittent, I gave no idea – I hope they do raise a REIN case. – Thanks for the comment.

  52. admin says:

    @ Nash: I don’t agree with you about the open Reach Guys. They have tried very hard to solve the issue and I do have a BT router too which is running at the moment. – Thanks for the comment.

  53. admin says:

    @ Buzz Lightyear: — I’ve ordered it, but to no avail. I’ve also had the faceplate changed three times. — Thanks for the comment.

  54. admin says:

    @ Lillian – yes, it’s not brilliant. Hope you get it solved.

  55. Dan says:

    Howdy. You’re clearly getting lots of responses here and I hope it works out for you. In the off chance it doesn’t, I would contact the CEO directly. They hate to see customers left like this and I’m sure Ian would want to personally get this sorted. You should be able to pick my email up from this post, and feel free to email if you need anything you feel you’re not getting.

  56. Warren Buckley says:

    Hello, I am the Managing Director of BT Retail Customer Service and wanted you to know that we have seen your post here and are investigating. If you email me your details I will ensure we get in touch in the morning and we will see what we can do to get this resolved for you. I do appreciate you have already been in communication with my team but if necessary I will get personally involved. I am sorry about this. Warren

  57. obse1 says:

    tune your car radio to 612am, (a crude tester 444b) if there is rein within the area you will notice an increase in noise as you approach the faulty kit.. Rein is the getout answer when no one knows whats causing the fault… have a look on and see what your ip-profile is , should be at least 11m if your router says 14m..

  58. admin says:

    @ Dan – thanks – I will do, I want to give people a chance before I email the CEO though. I seem to have a few people that at least appear to be taking some action.

  59. admin says:

    @ Warren – Thanks – I have emailed you.

  60. Ian Willkinson says:

    Now that Warren Buckley is involved I am sure you wil have a resolve. How the power of social networking is getting things done. No more are we the little people fighting our individulal battles? I used to work in “150” and deal with billing and enquirey issues, it sent me round the bend and 6 months off work! I am so pleased that so many paeople have supported you in you right to decent broadband! And well done Warren for picking this up and acting on it. I know too well how customers can go round and round, only to be chasingf their own tails.

  61. Tara Stocker says:

    I’m pleased you are getting a result, I work for BT and have done for over 10 years, it upsets me when people slag the company off, but we are a good group of people and do help when we can.

    Pleased you are now getting somewhere, hope you get this sorted.

    Ian I work in billing and enquirers I know how you feel !!!

  62. Sonny says:

    Best of luck getting it sorted out, im the same as @Tara. I am an engineer and would like to help if I could with some advice but it seems if you have MD of Retail on board im sure it will be solved ASAP.

    Best of luck

  63. anon says:

    You keep referring to BTWholesale and Openreach but your contract is with your Comms Provider and they should escalate your issue on your behalf and that is who you should be addressing your issues to.

  64. jason says:

    hhmm you obviously have ally in your divert required…unless wholesale are just fobbing you off.get the bband boost engineers on far are you from the exchange?

  65. admin says:

    @Jason – about 4 miles I believe, although I’m not certain.

  66. underpaid says:

    sorry to see you are having big problems with this.

    As you have had many visit’s already, presumably you have had all internal wiring checked and filtered, SSFP (filtered frontplate) fitted, router replaced including ADSL lead.

    The problems you describe are typical of REIN, This would be my first test, preliminary checks can even be easily carried out by yourself by tuning a MW/AM radio to 612khz. If you have a car, then do a ‘drive by’ listening to your radio tuned in to 612khz , normal backround noise is light static, REIN sounds like heavy buzzing. The 444b tester is not more than a radio reciever itself.

    (ADSL is an R.F. signal so interference from an external source can severely affect the data, causing errors, and although errors are natural on ADSL hence the slowing down the further from the exchange you are.

    line length has nothing to do with electrical resistance when it comes to an ADSL signal, the slow down is actually because the data being is being sent and resent repeatedly until all data bits are present, think of it like an encyclopaedia with pages missing….the data has a ‘header’ which would be the encyclopaedia index, the router expects to see all the ‘pages’ of the encyclopaedia, if any are missing, another encyclopaedia is sent and so on until all the pages are there……this is the speed thing, interference is removing the pages…..a burst of data itself travelling down a phone line, speed-wise, would be phenomenally quick, but sending it again and again takes time, hence the slow down…………..why does a long line have a slower speed? because there is natural RF interference disrupting the signal, the longer the line, the more it will collect interference, think of you phone line like an aerial, the longer it is, the more unwanted RF it collects…….

    So, ‘normal’ erroring is unavoidable. and the router copes with ‘normal’ erroring due to interference by utilising ‘bins’ that are away from the interference RF frequency.

    REIN is usually a localised source of RF interference that disrupts the ADSL signal so badly, that the router/exchange cannot even determine if it is a valid ADSL signal, and the router drops sync.

    What makes my suspect REIN (after eliminating router, wiring etc) is the fact that you have a decent sync speed of 14,000kbps, other factors that can cause loss of sync like poor quality cable would usually give you poor sync speeds (although REIN can also cause slow speeds too).

    Once or twice i have come across another digital service causing cross-talk on the same feed to the property, on external or internal wiring, i.e. an ISDN service on the same internal 6-wire as an ADSL circuit could cause problems.

    There is one other thing that could cause your problem, and i have only come across it 2 or 3 times in the last five years, and that is sometimes, your ‘profile’ has a minimum threshold, i.e. if your threshold is set to 14,000kbps (14meg), and your sync speed dips below this threshold, say at busy times, then you lose sync, and will not regain sync until the router/exch can attain a minimum of 14,000kbps. I would thing this unlikely due to the number of fault reports, this would have surely been checked, although i wouldn’t rule it out.

    One last thing, sometimes i come across intermittent problems that never display the issue when i visit, i.e. random loss of sync, and even though it is not ‘allowed’ if on a BOOST task, i leave a BT Business -hub as a ‘test’ unit, as these are far more resilient on poor lines and tend to stay in sync whereas the BThubs and many 3rd party routers would give up. Sorry for the rambling, Hope you get a switched on engineer and get it sorted…

    SFi, ADSL, BOOST, FIBRE, REIN, ISDN, IPTV. engineer of 15years.

  67. eddie says:

    I have looked into many broadband faults and a lot of the time it is the customers equipment/location. Check/replace any cables if not wireless and also try and get a mate to log in/lend you a laptop and see if there connection drops

  68. admin says:

    @Eddie — I’ve got multiple laptops at my house. I have an Apple, a Lenovo and a Toshiba. I’ve run them all AT THE SAME TIME – They all DROP AT THE SAME TIME.

    I’ve CHANGED my Router and EVERY cable has been changed and ALL the wiring between my router and the exchange has been changed.

    Thanks for the comment; but I think 5 engineers would’ve covered the basics by now.

  69. Ian Bultitude says:

    This sounds just like the problems I am having!
    The proiblem got worse after the upgraded to ADSL+ when I got lower download speed and even more dropouts.
    I too can not got to Virgin as there in no Fibre here.
    I hope you eventually get it all sorted.
    Regards Ian.

  70. JL88 says:

    I have posted your link on BT UK fbook wall, they are the digital care team. they should be able to help if they take notice, if you look at the page they publicly help people with their issues through the use of social media such as fbook. Good luck

  71. Gary Woolf says:

    Good to see Warren Buckley getting involved – I’ve had BT issues (not as substantial as yours – more on the billing side) and I can honestly say that once I looped in Ian Livingstone and Warren Buckley the step change in response from BT was amazing. While I respect those guys for facilitating that, isn’t it a shame that it has to come to that. I’ve turned to Mr Livingstone probably 3 times in the past 5 years when BT has messed up – and his office has been able to sort things out very efficiently – but come on guys, I shouldn’t need the email of the CEO to sort things out!

  72. Steve Finnerty says:

    Are you sure about the Router? The speeds you are getting indicate you are on ADSL2+ technology. I know there are issues of drop outs on ADSL2+ chipsets with Cisco Routers apart from the latest VA Routers with Broadcom chipsets. A quick scan on Amazon shows there may be similar issues with Netgear. To prove as a BT retail customer you should have a Home Hub? Alternatively I believe you can lock the line down to the ADSL1 standard to at least prove stability although this will max out at 8M?

  73. sreeni says:

    have you checked with your naighbours to see if they have the same problems? if they dont then it must be something local , sometimes as simple as putting the mobile phone near the router, or anywhere near the phone wires. or if the phone wire run past other electrical things like microwaves or motorised devices.

  74. 'interested' says:

    no updates for 3 days…. does that mean it’s sorted? fingers crossed for you

  75. Graham Tattle says:

    try John Petter or

    Both very senior in BT retail.

  76. Graham Tattle says:

    Did not see Warren Buckley’s offer of support – he is a good guy and I hope he follows through for you.

    One of the problems in BT Retail is their constant drive to reduce call handling time when most people in the customer service world are actually trying to drive for quality.

    Once your problems are sorted, it may be worth meeting with Warren to expalin your terrible customer journey and get him to understand that his customer services division are just being measrued in the wrong way.

  77. admin says:

    @Graham – Yes he has made contact — thanks.

  78. admin says:

    @Interested — Broadband is still dropping unfortunately.

  79. admin says:

    @Sreeni — They are investigating a Rein problem now.

  80. admin says:

    @JL88 – Thanks!

  81. admin says:

    @ Gary Woolf — Thanks for your comment.

  82. admin says:

    @ Steve Finnerty — Not sure to be honest. BT seem to be on the case, but I’ll highlight your suggestion to the engineer. Thanks!

  83. Anon says:

    I work for BT and jsut saw this, out of interest I just tested your line o na tool we use….. the outcome:

    Circuit entered by User is ceased or cancelled.

    Also on another tool:
    Result Unable to perform one-shot check Circuit entered by User is ceased or cancelled.

    One Shot Check Diagnosis Final Test Outcome Inconclusive
    Service is not current

    My nan had this same issue (BB dropping out) when I tested her line the other month, I got the same outcome for her, the problem she had when an engineer visited was that some of the copper pair wires had frayed. These wires were then replaced and it was all fine. As you’ve mentioned that everything has been replaced up to the exchange, next time you talk to BT ask them to get the BB configuration checked, as on hte ifrst test I did, it says this “Circuit entered by User is ceased or cancelled”.

  84. jason says:

    from what im reading,you said your getting 9 meg at 4 miles…that is a very high rate.lowering the speed by half and changing an e side to one with an ac balance of 55 to 65 db.(or damn close to it)you should not notice lack of rate/speed unless you are downloading large files(movies etc)forget all this change your hub malarky.This should make your line stable.its a shame im not in your have a go.its time consuming finding the “one” but sticking it out is the key.ive done a few over the past weeks with success.but it is a ball ache.but a good sing song to another one bites the dust on the long drive home sorts me out. good luck to the bband boost engineer who may read this(if he gets this far in your rant,tell him to extend his job or someone will eperform him)and good luck to you sir!

  85. Willow says:

    My BT broadband used to do this dropping the connection trick on and off for over a year. I had several home visits, replacement Hubs, new socket and wiring in the house etc. all to no avail. Eventually after kicking up a monumental fuss with them they got a Special Faults Investigation team on to it and decided it was a faulty connection between the main frame and the DSL equipment in the exchange. Now since that has been sorted there have been no further dropped connections.

  86. Openreach Engineer says:

    Best of luck, nothing else from the Openreach side to suggest but feel compelled to give my support none the less. Have been to many customer complaints (admittedly not quite as prolonged as yours) and very much feel for you. I hope your issue is resolved as quick as possible.

  87. anon says:

    I work for BT. I’ve read this page and my honest opinion is an old cliche – too many cooks spoil the broth. You need a person (singular) who knows what they’re doing to take a holistic view of the fault. To look at what has already been tried and what hasn’t.

    You scoffed before at the mention of OFCOM and what are they gonna do, etc. Well I think you should relook at that view. If OFCOM get a lot of valid (a lot of people go straight to OFCOM as soon as their connection goes off for five minutes) escalations about BT then BT could end up in a lot of trouble.

  88. Dingbat says:

    I work for ‘BT retail’…..has anyone suggested that we cancel your Broadband and do a re-provide?…..sometimes the simplest of things work (I have seen this work before).

    It’s gotta be worth a mention. Good luck!

  89. Debbie Eastgate says:

    I wish someone could fix my problems with BT. We have had intermittant BB & NO on demand with BT vision for 8 months now. We have had 17 BT engineers out to date & still not resolved. Perhaps Mr Buckley would care to help us out too. Thanks.

  90. Jim says:

    I have the same problems, even more comical. Over 10 years we have a good runs for about every 2 years then the faults start again… It always always in the end is due to the line or the exchange Fault but this is only identified after numerous visits, phone calls to India (bless them) and even though you say “it will be a fault on the line outside or the exchange as it always has been send a line engineer….” we still go through the same farcical failed attempts. Currently however faults for nearly 3 months…. And now it’s down totally…numerous “engineers” cant see a fault….. and my observations are a few are engineers(real good) and larger amount are “engineers”(verging on useless) But the best supprise my partners cousin is one of the senior editors of news24(bbc) and after rectiing the hilarious attempts over diner (and the best one was of a bt guy called Ravi saying “madam you sound a little anchious..” after the engineer failed to turn up then arrived on the wrong day” she said this would make a great news clip (apparently they like these anouying tongue in cheek stories to fill time)…. Watch this space I’ll update you when to watch :o) maybe then I will get a good engineer to fix the problem who is not afraid to climb up a telegraph pole to check…..

  91. Helen says:

    Oh my goodness. I’ve just read your story. My broadband had been intermittent for 6 months now and has really affected my business. A cable down the road has been ‘taped’ together and also there is a tree leaning on the line.
    I have emailed the chief exec of BT and also Warren Buckley tonight, do I’ll see what Warren can do. I am at my wits end, I thought it would be a clear rein case as my property is surrounded by electric fences, but the rein expert said it isn’t.
    You give me hope,

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