Death of the Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Laptop et al.

Image representing Siri as depicted in CrunchBase

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With the advent of Siri and sofware packages like Dragon Speak and Nuance for Mac’s, one cannot help noticing how antiquated the keyboard is. It’s almost completely redundant currently and it’s usefulness will only decline in the next couple of years.

I imagine the future computers will be a pair of glasses that had wrap around lenses with augmented reality as a standard. Instead of typing  or speaking, we’ll use brain waves to control our day to day activities. Life will be will be serendipitous and day to day activities like shopping and cleaning will become redundant as shops will automatically know when you’re low on food and one will have low cost robots cleaning the house.

It’s not that far off – interesting times ahead.

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2 thoughts on “Death of the Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Laptop et al.

  1. RJ says:

    Nonsense. The amount of devices that use a keyboard, coupled with the temperamental nature of that type of Software (Speech Rec), will not kill the keyboard. They’ve had years to develop this software, and its far from perfect even in 2011. Such a long way to go.

    I own a laptop (windows I add), an iPod and an iPhone 4, and although I wont deny, the apple kit is pretty pukka, I won’t own an iPad or a mac. The laptop will not die, and a laptop without a keyboard is pretty useless in my book, voice rec or not. As for mice, can’t see “Touch Screen Laptops” kicking off any time soon as the latest craze, this tech costs a fortune!

    As for the monitor, its far from dead with Internet TV. I’ll also be dead before Robots clean houses. And I’m 25.


  2. admin says:

    @RJ – Obviously you’ve not seen Dragon Dictate (Nuance). Go watch that on YouTube.

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