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GoDaddy “supported” SOPA until they started to lose customers; It will come as no surprise that have stopped supporting the bill in order to stem the hemorrhage of  domain transfers to other registrars.

What makes GoDaddy look even worse is how they have turned on a dime in terms of what they were standing for. While one may not like the enemy, one respect them for the principals they are willing to go to war over. However, nobody likes a spineless bully that changes their tune when a fight comes their way.

Boycott GoDaddy to demonstrate to other corporations that they will lose customers if they support a bill of censorship and oppression.

Losing a deluge of customers seems like fair justice to the arrogant butt kissing executives at that have a reputation of doing and saying as they please. They can’t.

Now all repeat in unison:

Boycott GoDaddy
Boycott GoDaddy
Boycott GoDaddy

One thought on “Boycott GoDaddy |

  1. notnow says:

    I registered – His killing spree in Africa and sopa support really pissed me off – eventually a page will be put up

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