– Please stop Spamming me.

It’s a common senario to signup to a website and then unsubscribe after your purchase or when you don’t require the service any longer…What’s less common is when companies completely ignore unsubscribe requests. Especially large ones like which belongs to Google inc.

In a nutshell — I signed up to prizes, paid $200 and played around with a contest. I subsequently received  several emails from and unsubscribed each time I received one. However, it’s not stopped them from sending me more emails and then more and more and more and more.

One starts to question their own sanity and so I took a screenshot to verify that I wasn’t losing my marbles: unsubscribe screenshot

And I’ve received several more of these after that particular unsubscribe request above – even though I’ve unsubscribed to every email since. spam email

Please sort your shit out or Google or whoever runs the email marketing and stop spamming me – thanks.

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