Abuse Of Amazons TOS – Companies Continuing To Sell Prohibited Items Without Fear Of Reprisal

It is no coincidence that Amazon.co.uk list ‘Stolen Property & Lock Picking Devices’ on their ‘Restricted Products’ page. The free-for-all sale of lock picking devices is certainly more something we associate with the darker side of the Internet and it’s hard to imagine them being used for much more than, well, picking locks.

They go on to provide a detailed list of the prohibited items, here are a few examples of prohibited listings:

  • Products where the serial number has been removed or altered
  • Lock picking or locksmithing devices
  • Autolock bypass keys or jigglers
  • Digital decoders
  • Lock picking cards and lock picking guns
  • Lock picking sets
  • Sensormatic detacher
  • Slim-jims
  • Tension bars
  • Try-out keys
  • Tubular lock picks
  • Devices designed to duplicate a key
  • Code grabbing devices
  • Master keys or skeleton keys

I was surprised then when a search for ‘lock picks’ came up with over 3000 of such items. Lock Picking sets, bump keys, tubular picks, lock-picking guns, Jigglers, try-out keys, even a lock picking set with a free book called ‘E-Z- pickings’.

In fact almost everything on their prohibited list of lock picking devices is available – in huge quantities that seem to be growing daily. For a company that prides itself in being ‘customer-centric’ I wonder how the customers who have suffered at the hands of thieves using such tools might feel about this? And since lock picking tools leave little or no sign of forced entry, insurance companies are frequently refusing to pay up.

eBay also prohibits the sale of lock picking devices, and yet a search on that site yields none. NONE – they have strictly adhered to their own ethically correct prohibition of lock picking devices. I wonder if Amazon.co.uk will bother to do the same, or continue to appear not to care in the slightest about enforcing their own common sense and socially responsible prohibition list?

4 thoughts on “Abuse Of Amazons TOS – Companies Continuing To Sell Prohibited Items Without Fear Of Reprisal

  1. JACKO says:

    Insane. You have to think Amazon just want money money money at any cost to society.

  2. Sally says:

    Over 3000 tools to steal things? Really, Amazon? Get a conscience.

  3. Oliver Raison says:

    As someone who had his house broken into via a lock picking device, I think this is truly awful that amazon allows and in a way encourages crime. How can we raise awareness of this? I lost laptops and personal items and now I find out tools are available to break into someones house from AMAZON? Really, truly WRONG.

  4. Trevor says:

    Astonishing. Perhaps it’s a simple ploy to boost the sales of all the other products they sell as replacements for the ones that get stolen with the burglary equipment they’re selling.

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