Leap Motion Controller Review

My Leap Motion Controller arrived today from Amazon which I’d been greatly looking forward to. This is because the ancient computer mouse is, well, ancient and being a techno-gadget-addict I couldn’t wait for the the second coming of computer control. My ‘second coming’ was likely like most Christian peoples ‘second coming’. Disappointing.

My huge excitement quickly turned to frustration with a strong inclination to get violent with this sleek little sliver and black box. Some of the Leap Motion apps work quite well. However, the reason why I purchased the Leap motion controller was to replace the mouse. I had fantasies about stroking, prodding and sculpting the air between me and my desk and ridding myself of my RSI and dreadful sitting position. I thought that when my geek friends came over to visit me, I’d be propelled into geek stardom as they quivered and drooled over my new device which seems like it came from the year 2030.

Sadly, my new device will be with me for just 24 hours as it’s already back in the box and I’ve created a return request from Amazon so I can get my money back. It’s almost worth keeping, hoping I’d get better using it, or waiting until they update their firmware. I’ll return this to Amazon and if this faux-splendid device gets any better, I’ll buy a new one. However, for now, “it’s bye bye Mr Leap. I hope to see you again someday when controlling your pointer isn’t like trying to balance a marble on top of a stick”. Adios Amigo.

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